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  1. His family law lawyer allowed this to happen so yes there is a rule 65 freeze. She has obtained injunction because she thinks she is entitled to anything he gets. and no he does not owe arrears.
  2. We live in NC and my husband's ex-wife has placed a rule 65 freeze on his final worker's comp award. I have searched every Federal GS and every NCGS and I can't find where this is legal. My husband suffered his injury while a contract fire fighter in an active war zone. She wants his entire check placed in an attorney's trust fund then after the court is done distributing it we can apply for what money is left. We do not owe ANY child support arrears. She sent the freeze to the defense attorney for the worker's comp claim and he said this meant nothing to him because she legally had no right to touch his money. Dept of labor agreed and check was mailed to husband. Now she is dragging us through court for contempt and our family law lawyer seems to be on her side, I need help or we are gonna lose everything. Let me put some other thing in perspective ex-wife wants to know where we live, square footage of house, how many bedrooms, but uses her parents address and a PO box. She used my husband's SSN to make it look like he was applying for a job where she works at so she could run a background check on him, after we were notified of what had been done, we called the number and they did an investigation. She took out a restraining order on my husband and said he was trying to mess with her livelihood. What she did is considered ID theft is a federal offense and criminal punishment by law up to 5 years for each count. She did it twice! My husband had to fight through the court system to see his son and the first time he got to see him he was 6 years old. I'm dealing with a psycho path who thinks she is queen and can harrass us as much and anytime she wants, I need the law on our side so she can be dethroned!
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