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  1. Tobias, noted. Thank you, I am mindful of that. Thank you, Fallen. The information in question is simply health/heredity issues if any are known. Having recently had a child of my own, such questions are much more persistant. As far as forcing a relationship, i'm actually trying to get this information without getting legal, so to avoid injuring any family relationships that may be unaware of me. and thanks for the clarification. Any advice on the situation is appreciated.
  2. I'm 30+ years old and have many unknowns in life due to not knowing my Paternal parent. I would like some information from him, I know who he is. All overtures have been denied. I believe I have at least some Moral right to know certain infomation. Do I have any legal right? Can one sue for paternity testing? - not that it's in question, but for verification purposes, should they be needed.
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