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  1. I am serving life without the possibility of early realse in a Washington state prison. Does this RCW (rcw 9.94a.637) allow me to ask the govonor to restore my voting rights. May you please post the full RCW & explain. Thanks!
  2. My friend is being charged with it the vechilar assault. And also being charged with resendtial burg in a different county. He can't contact he lawyer until next week.
  3. is residential burglary a strikable offense in the state of Washington. Also, is vehicular assault a strikable offense?
  4. Is there a law like this that pretains to Washington State? Iv just been found guilty of a 3rd strike.
  5. I was under the impression that I was posting this on someone's post. Opps
  6. I was found guilty at trial. Sentencing is soon. Does this mean striking a prior is still an option for reducing my sentencing range.
  7. Striking a prior conviction. How does this process work?
  8. This does not answer my question. Does Washington have parole? If I'm sentenced to life with the possibility of parole in Washington, what does that mean.
  9. What is parole in Washington? Early release on a prison sentence? or DOC probation after prison sentence?
  10. I am representing myself in a legal matter while still in jail in Washington State. My legal assistant told me to get a monilia envelope and write on the front & back: Attorney Work Product Legal & Confidential property of (your name)
  11. I'm going to be sentenced too life without

  12. May someone please post the RCW and meanings for felony harassment with a weapon? My friend is being charged with this crime and we are unable to search for the RCW
  13. Thank you for the info, but I am unable to Google at this time because of my internet restrictions. I have an attorney, but sometimes its not always easy to understand their way of explaining. So, I as you can tell, I'm awaiting trial for assault 2° & if convicted it would be my 3rd strike.
  14. Is there an RCW stating this law? May please post any other information you may know on this subject.
  15. Washington State If the defendant has previously been convicted of assault 2° & robbery 2°, can an assault 3° with a deadly weapon be counted as a third strike?
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