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  1. Also want to add one part that i can now prove. There an appeal right now for ineffective public defender. She was told if she did the plea there she would get serve no jail time and just serve probation. (Cant prove that) But she was also in the ICU the day before and we have 2 doctors who wrote documents to the court about her not being in a sane state of mind due to the fact she was having reactions to a depression medication that altered her mental state. I have the letters. What i am asking is there no way to get her freedom without spending 100k plus which is not available?
  2. Thank you for taking the time to read this. all infomation is public info that anyone can access. If you would like to see docs that i mention please let me know and i can setup a secure way for you to view them. My collage/friend signed a plea agreement in a federal criminal case in the Southern District of Texas. She is currently severing a 78 month sentience. After her public defender convenced her to take a plea snice she could not afford the discovery. Keep in mind the victim worth about 60 million. She also was ordered to pay the victim 1.3 million back which she lost her house to him. The alleged victim filed a civil suit against the criminal defendant and Whitney National Bank. The case is filed in the 24th circuit court of Jefferson Parish Louisiana. Well Whitney did a full discovery. The victim is order to provide a list of fraudulent charges. Well the list has none of the original charges that where used in the criminal indictment. Matter a fact the discovery show the checks that he claimed where fraud in the criminal case as being authorized by himself. The alleged victim and his CFO even admit in court transcripts they are authorized checks paid to defendant. Also the discovery show the victim in his email to defendant. " Please attach a copy of my signature to this document" Which she would all the time as part of her job. The civil case is dismissed by Summery Judgement and the victim appeal was denied by the Louisiana appeals court. So my question is this. The victim made false statements in the criminal case i believe that can be proven. The defendant give up her right to appeal. Is it possible to go after the victim in civil court for Defamation and slander. Do to him providing false statements to both the FBI and criminal court? I understand on the criminal side we could file Heabus Corpus. But we cant find an attorney willing to get involved for under 100K. She mother making 50k a year and we just dont have that kind of money. Plus her savings and home has already been taken by the alleged victim. I was thinking a civil case would cost much less plus if the defendant where to lose she has nothing left to take. I have copies of all the discovery from the civil case. The criminal case has mostly been sealed. My relation to this case is as followed.. I own a Information Technology company and the victim was a client of mine from 2009 to 2013. I handle all servers and Files etc.. I have no confidentiality agreement with alleged victim. Thank You Jonathan
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