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  1. If you want to hear the rest of what happened email me or give me your email and I send it to you.
  2. I did want to say to much because of incase her neighbors read this or something . she has 6 kids and her mom shes taking care of ..
  3. I need some advice for a friend she has some neighbors that don't stop making trouble for her and her family. My friend got signs up in her yard saying no trespassing and be ware of dogs on her property. But the neighbors keep taking them down and stealing them. The cops been called a few times and he told the both of them that the next time they come out for nothing someones going to jail. They don't have the money to get cameras to video this going on . And all this is spilling over in the kids school trying to get the kids in trouble also.. They can not move cause they don't have the money . and what can they do that don't cost money to do it . any advice is appreciated thanks.
  4. He dropped out of school to go to night school so he can get his G.E.D. and our son has a job.
  5. I have to go to court on June 3 for Child Support Modification because our son got in to some trouble and had to go live with his dad now but June 1 he will be 18 years old. He lived with me for 16 years. Can anyone tell me what should I know before going to court that day. Will they make me pay child support even if his daddy owes 6,768.88 in arrears .What kind of question will they ask do anyone know? I don't like being in a courtroom talking . So how should I prepare for it.. any help from anybody would be nice and thanks . Oh By the Way this is in Louisiana Washington parish.
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