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  1. Well, since this is my car and I am the one with the insurance on the car( under my parents policy, unfortunately). Am I legally bound to give the police my insurance policy info? They keep asking my fiance for it, and he is willing to show them that the car was insured, but I think they may want it all. I want this to go to trial and prove him guilty before anything is done with my insurance. The officer I talked to said I would be responsible for the damages since it was my car, even though I wasn't driving. Unsure of my rights here, and not finding much help online...
  2. We are in kentucky, and I believe a hit and run is a felony offense.
  3. I am in kentucky. My fiance was driving my car while I was at work. I get a phone call from an officer saying that he has been involved in an accident, but fled the scene. He said there were 4 witnesses saying he hit a man on a motorcycle and drove off. He asked for my insurance information, which I couldn't give to him at the time because I didn't have it with me. The officer told me that when my fiance gets home, that I will see damage to the left side front bumper. When my fiance gets home, I look at the car and there is absolutely no damage, no dents, no paint transfer. My fiance said that he was not involved at all, that he did not hit anyone. With no damage to my car, I believe him. He(fiance) said that he was behind the motorcycle stopped at a red light, when the light turned green he went to get around him because he was in the wrong lane. He said that he was close to the motorcycle, but did not touch him. As he drove away, being in the right lane now, he looked in the rear view mirror and saw that the bike was layed down. So now the guy with the motorcycle has got an attorney which has contacted me about the insurance, which I don't want to hand over because I feel that if I do, then I'm admitting fault. Also, my insurance is under my parents name. We have an appointment Monday to go speak with the officer with the hit and run department. The new officer is now telling me that there wouldn't be any damage to my car because my fiance just clipped him, not actually hit him. Apparently there are damages to the bike, because he played it down on the ground, and now it seems that they want me to admit fault to this and pay for it. My question is, how do you determine fault if it's basically a he said she said situation? Should I provide my insurance info even I believe that there was no collision? Sorry for the long post, needing advice! Not sure what's going to happen next, or what to do. Thanks!
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