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  1. My father passed away 2009 he lived in new jersey, no i left home at 16 when he started dating my stepmother. I did'nt report it because i tried to tell several times when I was younger but no one would listen. I am now 54 yrs old I just found out about this problem recently and yes I have evidence. It's ok I was just asking the question I did'nt think that I could do it. I was young when the abuse started up until I turned 16 that's when I left home I was young when my mother passed away from cancer
  2. Hello, My question is , I have been seeing a Neurologist and one of the problems I found out that I have with my head is from trauma / being hit in my head a lot as a child growing up. My father was my abuser and he just passed away a few years ago. He had a wife who was still living in his home who just recently moved out of the home that my father owned to live with her daughter and now has the house up for sale. My question is can I legaly take the house and sell it myself and use the money to pay my medical bills seeing that my father has caused this hardship on me with my head Injury ?
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