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  1. Tax_Counsel, Thank you for actually addressing the question.
  2. GuessAgain, To further followup on this, we are a providers office and are governed by the Dept of Health, which has a set of WAC that are consistent with the RCW. Are you implying that Medicaid patients are a "special class" of individuals that are exempt from the laws identified in the Revised Code of Washington? Does the HCA WAC 182-502-0160 create a form of discrimination against all none Medicaid patients who are governed by the RCW and by a practice's office policies, which the HCA exempts their "special class" from abiding?
  3. GuessAgain, However WAC 182-502-0160 and RCW 070.02.030(2) contradict each other. Which law supercedes the other?
  4. Revised Code of Washington RCW 70.02.030(2) and RCW 70.02.010(15) explicitly states that a provider can charge for copying and mailing medical records and defines how much can be charged. WA Health Care Authority (HCA) has Washington Administrative Code, WAC 182-502-0160, explicitly does not allow any such fees to be charged. WA Dept of Health has WAC 246-08-400, also defines allowable fees for providers copying and mailing medical records. Which of the statue regulations supersede the other the RCW or the WAC? Can an insurance company choose which regulation to comply with and which they do not need to comply with?
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