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  1. I apologize in advance for my unfocused post. I simply do not feel I have committed any crime or misdemeanor so do not know why our MVD has insisted on my having a medical form completed else lose my license to drive. I am in good health and physical condition, have had no accidents, am duly licensed and registered etc. However, the DMV/MVD refused to reply to my request for an explanation. IF there had been a violation of some kind, what would my 'rights' have been in order to be advised as knowing what the violation is? Please know this is my first day on this website, and fear once I leave I may not find my way back. I don't know what tags are or how to use those or most other features on the form d d
  2. Our state DMV has demanded that I have a medical form completed else lose the right to drive. I have a legally registered vehicle, a duly authorized license, no existing or pending accident or other highway violations, am in good health and physical condition; in fact, nothing to justify such a request imho. However, when I request an explanation as to the reason for the insistence on a medical exam, I do not even get an acknowledgment of the request. What kind of legal issues is this?
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