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  1. Hello, We sign a $5,000.00 security bond there were conditions no rearrest, no drug activity,no contact with owner of property.Well he got arrested again .Went to court today and his lawyer told us that the judge said"That we had to pay the $5,000.or my husband would go to jail or we could sign another $5000..00 security bond for his release till his next court date in Feb.And we wouldn't have to pay back the original security bond..Now to me that doesn't make any sense..Is that possible ?? Plus is there way we can find out what took place in the court room ???His 1st arrest was for was 2nd & 3rd degree burglary of a man's house while out on security bond got arrested for growing marijuana at his girlfriend s hous..(Am not going to sign another one needs learn lesson )Thank you in advance
  2. Thank you all for your answers I didn't know that you could have another charge added after your have been arrested ,My step-son and a girl went onto a mans farm and drove there car into his barn and he had seen them enter his property called the law ..No clue what they were intending to do..And yes he has record just got off of a 5 yr probation about a year ago ,, He has appt see lawyer but his mom and i had those questions to ask ,, Want thank each of you for your response
  3. How can someone be charged with 2nd and 3rd Degree Burglary at the same time ?? Here are the charges >>Burglary in the Second Degree, Criminal Trespass in the Third Degree, Burglary in the Third Degree, Persistent Felony Offender... Do you know about how much time he is looking at ?? Thank You in Advance
  4. I live in the state of Kentucky..Can my husband and I do our own will's? We own our home and have stock everything be divided equal between our 2 kids .to do as they see fit ,they divided equal between our 6 grand kids
  5. They change the Police Report they put they arrested him at her house in the next county ...We havent pushed the issue cuz he was in the wrong.I dont understand is why the Police Report didnt tell what really happened if they weren't in the wrong ..We are Commonwealth State
  6. My step son and his g/f got into a fight and then came to my house,from there she went to the ER and the police came to my house to arrest him....As I walk out of my bedroom a Kentucky State Trooper was standing there with his gun drawn asking for my step son I told him to put his weapon away that I had 5 grand kids in the house.Then he went threw the house room by room I never gave them permission,then I heard someone in the attic it was a Sheriff Deputy from different county ( that's because the ER is in that county that's why the Trooper was with him ).. They said they went to every door and banged and hollered .I walked around the corner to the all glass window sun room He was asleep in chair...They arrested him for assault ..I got a copy of Police Report and they haven't even got it in the report that they even came to my house or is the State Trooper mention in report states they arrested him in the other county... Can they come in and serach without a warrent?...I am upset about the Trooper in my house with his gun drawn and scaing tthe life outa me.;
  7. My sister hired him because my father had 1 of his stock listed as a individual account with no beneficiary's so he became Trustee of my dad's estate ( my dad passed away in 2002 my sister found that stock paper last Aug 2013 in some papers ) he filed threw the court and named his TRUSTEE OF MY DADS ESTATE. When my mother passed in her will my sister and I were named CO-EXECTORS ...But didn't go to court to be appointed Co-Exector's .. When she got another stock notice instead her and I signing it and sending it back in she takes it to him ....He filed paper's to become trustee but i didn't know they had done this till after he filed them threw the courts was apponited trustee of her estste .. .He did state in my dads probate papers the amount of his estate as $500,000 that included stocks,bonds,investments,property.and which was mostly jointly owned with his/spouse <,, Can i get a inventory list of accounts and amount even ones that she closed ?
  8. The state this happened in is TENNESSEE. And there weren't any debts at all house was sold 1 year prior to my mothers death no out standing debts The reason "I knew we could do it ourselves." was because it was from from the same Stock Company that had held 2 other accounts in my mothers name they issued us checks after my mother passed ,, But my sister stop communicating with me about everything .So she just send the paperwork to the him { Attorney} instead of us signing off on the stock just like we had on the other 2. Reason I didn't stop this from being processed to probate court was I didn't get my papers until after he filed and was he waiting on the check . I called him and waited on a return call for weeks ,so I emailed him and asked him why he filed the papers ..Few days later I days later received the check. Yes my mother had assets [sTOCKS,IRA'S. ETC] TOTAL OF $750.000.00 ... After her passing there was only $28,000.00 + $7,000.00...She was in Asst Living for 9 years $2,500.00 a month ...Plus she received $1,000.00 in SS and sold the house for over $120,000.00 before she passed..There's few Hundred-Thousand missing.. The reason my sister hired him in the beginning was my father had 1 of his stock listed as a individual account with no beneficiary's ..Which I don't have a issue with him receiving payment from the estate for the work he did for my dad's account .. I received a statement with 'THE CHECK' stating that amount of attorney fees and amount of both stock [ my dads and my moms 1 stock account] and then amount for $500.00 its listed as : A RESERVE FOR ADDITIONAL ISSUES...Then at the bottom of page it stats : ' That my sister is not seeking additional reimbursement which would have delayed reimbursements further ' <<< I was not told of the amount or for what ....Wanted me to sign the statement it says that i voluntarily agreed with the calculations and I agreed to the distribution ...So being I didn't agreed with the amount i HAVEN'T CASHED THE CHECK.. I was not told about anything till after it happened with the.her and the attorney ..I just like to know how she handled the large account ... I do know she withdrew $30,000.00 3 months before my mom passed and then closed the account and transferred the remaining of $35,000.00 1 week b4 my mothers death put into my mothers checking where her being POA she was just listed on the account but changed it to joint..She had mentioned n error the withdraws. Thanks for the Replies PS ..He did state in my dads probate papers the amount of his estate as $500,000 that included stocks,bonds,investments,property.and which was mostly jointly owned with his/spouse <,, Can i get a inventory list of accounts and amount even ones that she closed ?
  9. Be the best person you can be..Treat everyone like you want to be treated !!!!

  10. My sister was POA of my mother after my dad passed in 2002,my mom passed away recently in Tennessee .... My sister closed out 1 of my mother's largest stock ($500,000) when she was POA of my mother before she passed ( Alizhimers ) And in my mothers will she named my sister and I CO-EXECTOR 1 of my questions is .. 1.) Being am CO-EXECTOR can i see how she handle that large stock account ( the account is closed now ) when she was POA?? Also she hired a lawyer to handle few stocks my dad had when he passed , so when my mother passed she let him handle the closing of some which I never approved of him handling her estate because I knew we could do it ourselves (wouldn't have to pay a lawyer) ..Well when he filed the papers threw the court he said " she had no will ". So when I told him that she did have a will all sudden he sends me papers to sign to agree to have his total attorney fees paid and a check for pay out of both accounts minus $10,000.00 in fees ( my dads stock and my mothers) which he had my dads check for over 6 months never divided it until i questioned about my moms estate ( which i haven't chashed the check).. My question is can I ask for my half of fees returned only on what he charged for doing my mom's estate ?? What are my rights aS far as CO-EXECTOR?? THANKS ALLY
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