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  1. I appreciate all the feedback. I guess in the telling of my circumstances I left some important things out. When the children were with there father, I stayed in constant contact, visiting and even staying weeks or up to month at a time. I believe they've been with the grandmother approx 4-5 years. But for aprox 3 years or more they've been yet shipped off an separated to a boarding school to present. Which the children hate. The grandmother has since had several severe ailments since. That's not counting her shady drastic past. The only thing that I've done was make a mistake in a mate which I began rectifying at my first chance to flee.
  2. Instead of "yanking" I was thinking more along the lines of holding their hands as we gently & patiently step into our new lives together. But thanks for the advice..?
  3. I was in an abusive relationship a few years ago. I sent my 2 sons with there father since he was particularly abusive.But their father has schizophrenia. I was beat really bad while pregnant. The grandmother filed for custody, so did the father of the 2 boys & I did as well. I was awarded visitation every other weekend. But after spending 1 weekend with them I was scheduled to move a long ways away but stayed in contact via phone calls. But I wasn't able to make it to the last court date where the judge was going to make a judgement. Being as though the paternal grandmother hated me & had a lawyer, and the father had a mental disorder, she got what she wanted. But her only reason on my behalf for taking the kids was domestic violence. But I left that relationship, cleaned my life, I have a stable home with my other 2 daughter's who is advanced in her school. The children have been gone about 6 years. But they miss me and love me as I do them. Im heavy in my religion, My daughter's are well mannered, well dressed, intelligent. I have no criminal history, no child abuse convictions, I helped put my abuser in jail. I still have my rights intact. So why can't I have my children back or how can I go about getting them back??!!
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