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  1. Thanks for the response. I was pretty sure I could do nothing about it. The point about the boyfriend is that the (young) kids are going to go through a lot of trauma. Introducing them to another romantic partner during and immediately after the divorce will only serve to confuse them and create a new sense of loss if the new relationship doesn't work out.
  2. My wife and I have barely begun a collaborative divorce process. She currently lives with her boyfriend most of the time although some nights she stays in the family home. She has had her boyfriend in the house for supper with the kids a few times despite agreeing to not involve him in the lives of our kids. She's been with him for three months and is now talking about moving to his house with the kids for part of the week. Obviously this is really bad for the kids (research, family therapists, counselors, books etc have affirmed this). Do I have any legal recourse to prevent him from having contact with the kids, and also prevent her from moving into his house with the kids (sharing custody with me)? Thanks.
  3. Hello, My city burns brush at a local dump and I am in the process of petitioning them to change this. My current thinking is to limit the frequency of burning to a set number of times per year. I would like to provide the city (a small city) with everything they need to make the change, even going so far as to draft an ordinance that they can use or modify. With that said, I would like some advice on the following ordinance: Ordinance Regarding City-Initiated Burning of Brush The City, its employees, or designees shall not intentionally create, cause, or initiate in any way a fire with the intent of burning brush at the City Dump without one week's public notice. The public notice shall take the form of an announcement in a local newspaper. Furthermore, the City, its employees, or designees shall burn no more frequently than four times per calendar year. Any City employee or designee found in violation of this ordinance shall be fined $100 per incident. Thanks for any help.
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