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  1. Ok I got a speeding ticket about 5 weeks ago. I was on my way home trying to get my food from my boyfriend not really paying attention to my speed limit. The officer was coming towards me it was about 445 in the morning with no other cars on the road what so ever. He said that he had clocked doing 60 in a 45 which i was only doing 56 which i know is still speeding, but no one was in danger and i have been told that a cop can not get a 100% accurate speed while they are moving to. I have also read that I can ask for an extension and its possible that the cop wont show up on the extra day if they are off, I dont have 183 dollars to pay my ticket and I have never been to court before and this is only my 2nd speeding ticket in 4 1/2 yrs, I am a very safe and cautious driver always and never speed i just wasnt paying attention at the time because i was so hungry and trying to get my food. I just dont want points on my license or for my insurance to go up. is there any way that i can have this lowered or possibly get out of it? bc i was thinking about just going to court on the day the cop scheduled but i read on here that they will normally make all their court dates on the same day so that they will for sure be there then i have heard that alot of cops dont waste their time going in for stuff like that, and idk what to do?????
  2. how do i post my question???

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