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  1. Hello, SUNY Oswego is creating a smoke-free campus/smoking ban starting in 2015. They tried to do this in 2014 but for some reason it didn't happen. Since smoking is legal, how is this not a violation of our rights? The school forces its incoming freshmen to live on-campus for two years and it is quite a far walk to get off campus. Also Oswego's was ranked in the top 5 college/universities with the worst weather, and it is quite a long walk from the residence halls to off-campus. Isn't that a safety concern for those who choose to smoke? I know it's a state school and the New York state pretty much does whatever it wants and doesn't care about our freedoms, but this just seems to me like a violation of the student's rights. I'm probably wrong, but I would like to know. Thanks, JR
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