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  1. Thank you for you for responding and thank you for the links.
  2. I am a resident of Pennsylvania. I am in the midst of changing careers. I'm currently attending classes for this career change. Along with my coursework, I must complete an externship. However, I just learned that applicants will not be accepted into the externship program if they have been convicted of a misdemeanor. In 1992, I was convicted of a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge in Pennsylvania, when I was a college undergraduate. I was wondering if I could have the misdemeanor conviction expunged from my record, even though, I was over the age of 18 at the time of the charge. If I can have it expunged, do I have to report it on my externship application?
  3. CORRECTION: "For instance, my brother could have added his wife, when he got married, if all parties including the lessor were in agreement. My brother did not add his wife to the lease at anytime during their marriage, which lasted about 8-9 years. If she had been added to the lease during their marriage, she could have removed herself from the agreement as long as all parties were in agreement.They did not have any children during their marriage.
  4. Thanks to both of you for taking the time to respond to my question. When we signed the lease in late 1998, my husband, his parents, my brother, and I were the lessees. My both my husband's parents passed away prior to 2009. My brother passed away a year ago. There is nothing in the lease agreement pertaining to the of death of a lessee other than that if any lessee passes away the remaining lessees would be responsible for the terms of the lease. The rest of the lease describes the real property and boundary lines. It states the price of the rent, how, and to whom the rent should be paid. It includes responsibilities of the lessees, such as general upkeep like keeping the interior & exterior structure and immediate grounds clean and safe, repairing damages that we the lessees caused, and remaining current on rent. It states that any changes to the property such as adding other structures, whether permanent or temporary, must meet with the approval of the lessor, local & state statutes, local code enforcement, and local permits. It also explains maintenance that the lessor is responsible for such as property taxes and maintaining local code regulations of the structure for safety (ex: maintaining the integrity of the structure such as the roof and foundation). The lease also states that the lessor will be responsible for maintaining the integrity of the private road that accesses the property. This would mean filling in potholes, replacing gravel that occurred due to natural causes, and any damages that weren't caused by the lessees. etc. It also describes that the lessor may sell the property at anytime and that the lessor would be responsible to reimburse the lessees for any rent that was prepaid minus any damages caused by us lessees. We can add or remove or add certain persons to the lease such as spouses and adult children during the 50 year term as long as we contact the lessor and the lease is updated, resigned by all parties including the lessor,and notarized to remove or add those parties. For instance, my brother could have added his wife, when he got married. He did neither and they did not have any children during their marriage. Non- immediate family members (aunt, uncle, cousin, non-related persons) cannot be added. Also, when we signed the lease, the lessor agreed not to raise the rent during the 50 year term, because we paid the rent for the full term of the lease. I know it might sound absurd, but the lessor was in dire straits and needed the money. All of us lessees contributed to the amount of the rent for 50 years. Also, it's a lot less expensive to rent than to purchase property in this area. Real estate values in this area are in the millions because, it's waterfront property and because hunting and fishing in this area is very popular. Renting the property costs comparatively less than purchasing it and the lessor really didn't want to sell it. The lease contains a clause stating that the lessor's heir(s) must abide by the same terms of the lease as the original lessor and may not raise the rent during the 50 year term.
  5. I live in PA. My husband and I have a 35 years left on a 50 year lease on a hunting camp, which includes a one story house and several acres of hunting grounds. Presently, our children are all under age. We would like to know if we can bequeath the lease to our children just in case both of us pass away before they reach the age of majority.
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