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  1. Game over - sent to DOC of Az.... 2.5 years sentence
  2. I know of case similar to mine-dui state vs individual . incident happened and charges didn't come up a year later and it got dismiss. Think it was because guess terms '' lack of injustice''..? Is that term for it? Ooh n up to me sign the plea agreement they change the date of the incident, is that OK? Is like they had the wrong date when it happened ,they scratch it out n pencil it in right before I sign it... Is that right with in laws? Or if sign it n then they scratch in to make it right?
  3. If there was a warrant out? So why did it take 30 months after the incident to set out a court date? Is their time limit such the court or the prosecutor to file on their part such as '' elected not to prosecute''- prosecute forgot about case for couple of months. Or a docket number > PC 853.6 -where the complain wasn't file ,i didn't sign anything to promise to appear till I receive a notice 30 months later.. So do they log in or date their paper work on when they file charges?
  4. I got caught for DUI in az, 3 yrs ago and finally the charges came up. At time of incident I spent nine days in jail got release n show up at my next court date. No complain was file at that time so the court send me home n I gave them my address so a noticed could be sent to me when ever they have a complain file. So back in Nov. I got noticed for court. I went thru the process of court n finally sign plea agreement . straight DOC no probation n just pay fines. But now have one last court date sentence. Wondering if some where along the way judicial process went wrong-;'motion to dismiss'. On one my jobs I had to do background check n it show up but still didn't receive a notice from the court. Till two yrs later. I have a public defender and I ask of time limit . he just said each case is different. And I think my case is different that could be dismiss.. Here stressing out. Thxs for the info..
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