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  1. I was sentenced in September, 1996 to 20 months in prison, plus restitution in the amount of approximately $800K. I subsequently appealed the restitution order based on the language contained in sentencing transcript back in 1996. Since that time the government continues to take money from my Social Security payments, approximately 15% monthly. The judge in this matter rejected my appeal, stating that the restitution order is forever or until the 800K is paid. However, in the transcript of this matter there was much discussion regarding the "5 year limitation" based on the fact that there is language in "18 USCA 3663 which speaks about certain provisions that support my appeal, especially language that is relevant to the "Victims Witness Protection Act", which was changed after my sentencing. I appeared before the court "pro-se" since my finances prohibited me from retaining an attorney. Lastly, I sincerely belief that my argument is factually correct and yet the government continues to take 15% of my social security benefits every month since I turned 66, some 3 years ago. Additionally, they took approximately $24,000 dollars from an account that I had set up to pay for children's college education. If there is someone out there who can help me to resolve this matter, I would be happy to pay you a reasonable amount of money. I am retired and live on a fixed income. Thanks, Chuckyg23
  2. Does the same set of rules apply to people living in New Jersey who are 70 years of age and free from arrest for the requisite 10 years? If granted a pardon would that pertain to any restitution that is owed??
  3. Thank you very much for your response. I am a very young guy with aspirations to become a criminal lawyer. As such, every piece of information provided at Find Law has allowed me to become better informed and dealing with knowledgeable people such as yourself. Thank you for your responses to my questions. I will do my research much better in the future.
  4. While I understand that Congress amended the law based on the various constitutional challenges. However, in the case that I am referring to, the court's sentence occurred in September of 1996 before any of the amendments were passed by Congress. Under that premise, wouldn't the language that was contained in the VWPA or 18 U.S.C 3663 at that time be relevant to the case that we are discussing. It seems to me that the amendments would apply going forward when the amendments were passed as opposed to retroactive back to 1996.It seems to me that the date in 1996 is quite important to this case that I am researching. I have been assigned this issue as a case study with my college buddies, so if you would lead me to that date in 1996, would be very helpful. Thanks much.
  5. In accordance with the Victims Witness Protection Act which is the qualifier in this matter, and under 18 USC 3664 (a) and 3663 (f), US v Sleight (3rd Circuit 1987) restitution obligation is intended for repayment with 5 years. Does anyone disagree with this?
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