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  1. "So folks, please be aware and learn from my nightmare, it doesn't matter what your last will & testament states, your family can do whatever they want, when they want." My condolences on the passing of your mother. I know she would greatly appreciate all your efforts to help fulfill her last wishes. Under the circumstances, I think she might have you use your innate creativity. What would Bond do? You may feel as though Mom's being held hostage. She's your mom, liberate her. I'm guessing her remains aren't under lock and key. Leave something behind from the barbeque pit. When the time is right, have her interred at the place of her choice. If your family can do whatever they want, when they want ... well so can you! If there's a problem, let them get the lawyer. You'll have Mom, they won't have a leg to stand on. Who's going to know? In a worst case scenario, who'd prosecute ... for what ... trying to fulfill the terms of your own mother's Will. You have my blessing.
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