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  1. my nephew never was asked to the stand to be under oath. He did tell the police officer he was in the area heading home form work the day of the incident. The officer was asked to speak and then the lady accusing him was on stand. It was not a trial. Ive been through a couple. "You are accused of... how do you plead". "Not Guilty"." OK trial will be set for this day". None of that occured. I was not there this is information from my sister. The railroading may have been a bit much. I just figured the lady was more well known in the town than him so he wasn't given a chance... maybe. Also. there is no evidence supporting either party. Which is the point my nephew was trying to make. Not specifically " prove I did it". I can get an auto body estimate for damage just as easily as the next person. It wasn't a jury trial. But, reasonable doubt, innocent until proven guilty are two main blocks in the wall of justice right. Anymore its guilty unless you can prove to us your innocence.
  2. This happpened in Indiana. It does make sense what you are saying If a criminal offense had occured and he was on trial for a crime. Is this considered a crime? He simply went to try and argue his ticket. Shouldn't another court hearing have been set for the financial responsibilty ? I didn't know if smaller towns have to run everything together to keep things finincialy sound... per say. If so it would all make sense or even if he was going to court after getting arrested because it appeared as if he was on trial for a crime. I guess he didn't miss out on the right to a speedy trial. It was so speedy he didn't even know it was happening. I did not know a cop could give you a ticket at home and think this is a flaw in the system. I should do this same scenario once a month. No insurance company to involve so no insurance fraud. I already know a cop and an auto body shop owner to put me over the top on the trust worthy side of things. At worst it would be false reporting of a crime. But, wait there doesn't need to be any proof except he said she said. I truly do appreciate your input. I thank you Sir... or Maam. Your name doesn't reveal gender
  3. Hello. My nephew recently got a wreckless driving ticket while he was on his couch watching tv. On his way home from work he supposodly spun his tires at a stop sign and threw rocks on the car behind him and they called the police. He went to court for the ticket and wasn't truly given the option to defend himself and was even laughed at by the judge when my nephew asked wheres the proof I did this damage. Judges response " I don't have cameras on every street corner and don't have to prove it. She said it was you". His traffic court then turned into a personel claims/ civil / criminal matter. The other driver then went on the stand under oath and said he did it. He was told he had to pay her $1800.00 in damages or go to jail today unless a payment plan can be arranged. Somehow $400.00 a month was decided. I know this is alot more information than just a simple question but i feel my nephew was railroaded by small town politics. Is there anything my nephew can do? Can a traffic matter and personel claims matter be handled in the same court hearing. Thank you very much for any information
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