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  1. I think that is what will happen. (hopefully) I don't think he will fight anything if someone else pays for the interment. Its been a long road
  2. I'm upset that this has taken so long, and my sisters don't seem to want to move this along. My father promised my sisters and I that he would do this after he got his life insurance money and he hasn't. The length of time it has taken is the only thing I am concerned with, and to finally have this completed as my mothers will stated she wanted. I am upset that it has been 8 mos and still nothing set, no plan, nothing. I was wondering what legal recourse I had (if any) to make this happen as my mother directed in her will. The fact we keep asking him is nauseating - and it still hasn't happened! How long is fair? I think 8 mos is plenty of time. Money was the "excuse" my father gave for not doing this in the first place. I offered to pay for this so it would finally be done and no more excuses (financial excuses) I don't wish to spend a fortune on this legally, especially if it would further complicate issues. My sister was executor and I don't want to take her to court, I want to simply have my mother's last wishes granted and her ashes interred as her will indicated, nothing more. It doesn't sound like I have any legal recourse either. The jewelry has nothing to do with this, I simply stated the jewelry was the only assets in the estate since my mom was survived by her husband. Again, I am not sure what you are grasping at? So folks, please be aware and learn from my nightmare, it doesn't matter what your last will & testament states, your family can do whatever they want, when they want... unless you have $$$$ to fight the will I court. Lesson learned!
  3. To answer your question Fallen, I'm upset because its been 8 months and she hasn't been interred yet. I felt like this should have been completed months ago, I am at my wits end to get my sisters to act and get this completed. Obviously they are not bothered by the time which has lapsed, and that is why I am finally investigating any legal options to expedite this and finally get it completed. I feel this should have been completed BEFORE any of mom's assets were distributed. I do not want this to continue on and on. My sister was named as executor in the will by my mother, not by a court. I did find out today the will was never registered. Thank you for the link.
  4. She lived in PA. I did contact the register of wills, her will has not been registered or probated. they did tell me it was not required because she was survived by her husband.
  5. Thank you PG. This is what I was afraid of. If the spouse can make any decision regarding the disposition of bodily remains, even if her will directed otherwise, is it doubtful that we could inter her remains thru a court order or waste of time and money in your eyes?
  6. Can the court enforce the will and allow us to inter my mother's remains? Will this cost a fortune in legal fees?
  7. I do believe there was some medical bill debt. I don't think an attorney was ever consulted due to lack of assets. Please explain what other details were in my reply to the other thread?
  8. a.) The life insurance was HIS policy, he cashed in his policy so it isn't related to the estate. (I didn't think it was related to the post) Nor do I care what he did with his life insurance money.Its HIS money. b.) My sister handled the estate, I didn't even see a copy of the will until recently. Nor do I want anything from her estate. there was nothing except for some jewelry. There is no cash assets. The little bit of jewelry was already distributed per mothers will / instructions c.) My sister was named executor by my deceased mother, she was NOT nominated. My mother named her in the will and she is the only daughter who lives in the same state. d.) There is no money to gain from this, I even offered to pay the internment costs. There are no assets. This is simply to do what my mother wanted.
  9. I think my older sister was the executor of the Will. He refused to do this, he said he didn't have the money. He promised his daughters he would do this at a later date after he cashed his life insurance policy in. He cashed the life insurance in right after her funeral. We suspect he spent the money and now doesn't have the means to do this. Is my sister the one at fault for not seeing to it that her will was executed? The father is a surviving spouse. They were married.
  10. I have a similar situation with my mother's remains. She had specified to be cremated and interred at the local cemetery. My father had her cremated but so far has not had her ashes interred. Myself and my sisters really would like to have this done per my mothers wishes. He has agreed verbally but hasn't done it yet. I really need to know if we can take legal action and enforce the will and my mother's last wishes. It is very sad that a will, a legal document, is not enforceable. Is there nothing her daughters can do?
  11. I don't think he would contest it, he has agreed verbally to do so, we have even agreed to pay for it. I feel my mothers wishes should have been respected. Because she is not in a final resting spot is very sad, her friends and relatives have no way to visit her or get closure. I also fear my father falling asleep while smoking and burning the house down, with my mothers remains there. My mother wanted to be interred in the cemetery, that is why she stated it in her will. My poor mother wanted to get away from him her entire life, its so sad that her final wishes were not carried out and she is still stuck there. Legally can we challenge the father? This is not about comfort, this is about a greedy gambling addict father who spent the funeral money at a casino! Your comments were very insensitive, and certainly not compassionate. I don't wish any child to have to do this.
  12. My mother passed away almost 8 months ago. My mother's will clearly stated she wished to be cremated and interred at a nearby local cemetery. My father had her cremated but not had her ashes interred at the cemetery. Do the children have any legal leg to enforce their mother's last will and have her ashes interred where she wanted to be? This is so upsetting and I just cannot imagine someone not following their wife's last wishes to be carried out. Any advice or help is appreciated.
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