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  1. Ok...here's an update to this post: Since I first posted this, I have had bypass surgery. I was on medical leave for 7 weeks, all the while asking my boss the status of the air quality test. I was told some mold was found, but also, the general cleanliness and housekeeping of this place is horrendous, so in addition to the mold, there is dust everywhere. I was also reminding him that an ideal time for any remediation efforts of this would be while I was off. Sorry to say, this has snowballed into a corporate black hole. The building owner now wants his own study done, and we have a corporate Industrial Hygienist coming to take a look at the situation. Needless to say, the wheels are turning very slowly. What am I supposed to do in the meantime? During my time away, I was fine, and had no respiratory issues. Upon my return to work, I noticed the smell immediately, and on the second day, my throat was rough, and I felt my lungs tighten up. I had a couple coughing fits at work, and these fits are detrimental to my surgical healing. They've let me move into a temporary working space, but it is not the most ideal and is starting to create some ergonomic issues for me. I feel trapped in a no win situation - what does anyone suggest?? Thanks... Bob
  2. So as I understand it, if I were to drop dead due to a misdiagnosis, my Widow could had pursued a wrongful death case. But since I was self aware and diligent in my own care, there's nothing to be gained, I came here for answers, and you provided them. Thanks again...
  3. I had an EKG done in March 2016, and the Cardiologist told me all is well, it looked normal and not worry. He didn't seem concerned about my questions about shortness of breath, and my left arm feeling heavy when I exercised, and only seemed interested in talking to me about the latest cholesterol lowering drugs. Two months later I had a sextuple bypass. After I had left the office, I was angry that my concerns weren't listened to and he only wanted to talk about drugs. The next day, I was also able to see the results of the EKG that did indeed say some abnormality was present. So I went and sought a second opinion from another practice that included another EKG, Stress test and Echocardiogram that did indeed show some "Area of Concern". I brought this back to the first practice - albeit with a different Doctor - and he agreed, yes, this should be looked into further. We scheduled an Angiogram so see what's going on, and after that they recommended the bypass. Now some back story - I had a heart attack in 2003, and two stents put in at the time. I had started seeing this first Cardiologist regularly after this. Two years later in 2005, after an abnormal Stress test, I ended up having three more installed. For the first few years after the heart attack, I worked with this Doctor trying every cholesterol medication available, but I cannot tolerate them. After a few more years, I was always told my EKG's were normal, my heart had healed to the point where the previous heart attack was almost indiscernible, and even though my cholesterol was high, I was very healthy. I understand his desire to see me on a medication I could tolerate, but the fact that he ignored my concerns about symptoms, and given my history, and the EKG report, I have a few questions: 1) Is this considered Malpractice? 2) Considering I was proactive in my own care, is this considered Delay of Care? 3) Is this a worthwhile case to pursue? 4) Is it likely that if pursued, legal or not, I'd pretty much be blacklisted from this hospital and/or medical practice? Thanks in advance... Bob
  4. Thank you all for your comments. And to elaborate - by "My Rights", I meant what am I able to ask for and expect from my employer by law. You've answered that, so thanks again. No I'm not the only one who suffers, but am either the most sensitive, or the most vocal. Many people have commented to me after I spoke up. The study has been done, so now we just wait for the results. Now that an issue has been questioned, time will tell on the outcome. Bob
  5. I'm fairly certain my workplace is making me ill. Last fall we had the roof replaced, and during that time when it rained, it leaked like a sieve. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I can smell the mustiness as soon as I step inside. I have a mold allergy and asthma, and after a minute or two I can just feel my lungs closing up. I spend an hour in the evening coughing and hacking up the pollutants I've inhaled during the day. I'm an office staff level position with a good amount of seniority with the company, but I only have so much authority. I've moved myself into a conference room with a different air handler system, but I still feel the effects. Of course, I've tried alerting the proper people, and it took some effort to get someone to take me seriously, but there is finally going to be an air quality study done. Assuming there is an issue found, and assuming it'll take some time for remediation, I'm still going to have to deal with this somehow for some amount of time. I'm just wondering what my rights are? Thanks... Bob
  6. Thanks for the reply. Just wondering though, which part may be discrimination - the shedding of the older workforce in favor of youth, or the special programs they have for them? Thanks again...
  7. The company I work for is a division of a Fortune 300 company. A couple years ago, they started shedding professionals ( mainly Engineers ) so they could merge various locations all into one centrally located downsized group. They dismissed over a dozen people 50+ in age. The whole company has been in a Cost reduction and Streamline operations phase during this time. Now that we're all together ( the survivors are all 50+ too ) and they see we have the capacity for more people, they've hired about a half dozen 22ish kids right out of college. They even have groups for these kids such as Emerging Leaders and the Young Professionals Network, where they host events, and send them all to conferences and such. Some of them have been fast-tracked through promotions. Of course, all us 50 somethings are upset. Is there blatant age discrimination going on here? If any of us were next on the chopping block, is there a case?? Would it be best to consult an attorney before signing any separation agreement??? Thanks in advance... Ohhbob
  8. ohhbob

    Bad Faith

    I was in an auto accident back in March, and the other parties insurance (State Farm) admitted liability after witness statements were released in the police report. The other parties’ coverage would not cover the cost of my car (totaled), so I claimed it under my policy and the companies are now under subrogation. The personal injury (broken foot) however it still ongoing. I've been using the State Farm claim number with the medical providers, but the medical bills have not been paid yet. I'm told that they will be going to Collections at the end of the month. This seems like Bad Faith on the part of State Farm. What recourse do I have? Thanks in advance... Bob
  9. While I understand the Right to Work is mostly used to refer to Union issues, I thought it was also a phrase used by the DoJ to refer to discrimination. Nonetheless, yes a Specialist performed tests and no disorder was found. While his initial Return-to-Work note said light duty - which was limited to simply carting empty boxes to the trash - his subsequent note said " resume previous duties". He also had a note from his Primary Care Dr. that gave him an all clear status. They still won't let him go back. Thank you both for your input...
  10. My son works a summer job through a temp agency for light factory work. About a month ago he fainted and cut his head badly. Some witnesses said he had a seizure so that is on the incident report. He had follow-up medical tests which came out normal, but the first Doctor return-to-work note said light duty in case an incident happened again. Well that freaked out the temp agency and they are not clearing him to work at all, even though a subsequent Doctor note said he is now able to resume previous duties. They are dragging their feet claiming it is under review with Corporate. Does this not violate his right-to-work? Any advice?? Thanks in advance... Bob
  11. Hi Jack, Thanks for the input. Just got the police report in the mail and first, it doesn't say anything about the statement I was told the witness made. It also doesn't say whether any citations were issued, and lastly, when the reporting officer asked how fast I was going, I said " I was keeping up with traffic. What's the speed limit here? 45?? So I was going about 45 or 50." So now the police report says I was exceeding the limit. What does this mean as far as who will pay? Does this absolve her of liability?? Thanks again...
  12. Here's what happened...I was driving along and another car heading in the opposite direction made a left turn right in front of me. I broadsided her at 50 mph. My airbag went off saving me, but I did break my foot that was probably slamming on the brakes. She got out and ran to see if I was ok...and later she was complaining of chest pains. They took her away in an ambulance, and I declined transport saying my wife would get me and take me to our local hospital - which she did and I was treated. Immeadiatly after the crash, while I was sitting there in the car dazed I thought enough to call 911. Then a man came over and said he was an off duty cop sitting at the intersection who saw the whole thing, and he took my phone and directed in the emercency responders. I was told he also gave a statement to the officers on the scene and told them it was the other drivers fault. Both cars were probably totaled, but my car - a 2010 Volkswagon GTI - wasn't even 1 year old to me - I bought it last April. My questions are - will they give me book value or replacement cost for the car? Is there cause for a personal injury claim?? Pain and suffering??? What else should I do or seek???? Finally, this is in Illinois if that makes any difference. Thanks...
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