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  1. The number would vary from department to department and from time time as such numbers seldom persist forever. Are you inquiring about a specific department and or time frame or are you just implying indirectly that the claim that police departmentshave ticket quotas is BS?
  2. Ticket quotas. The requirement to write a specified number of citations per shift. Thank you
  3. I will attempt to make an non-garbled version of this statement and address your comment about asking the officer. In this day (the year 2000 and up) police officers in all major cities and in most suburban areas have ticket quotas. These quotas have been increased in more recent years to increase revenue for the local governments due to harder economic times that have hit most areas. Based on that scenario (where there are ticket quotas) it is extremely difficult to believe that any office who has pulled someone over would then let that same person go without a citation when the individual operating the automotive vehicle has no government issued license and no tags/plates anywhere on their vehicle. It would be equivalent to allowing a drunk driver to continue driving the same as if they had not been pulled over by the officer. Is that clear enough? Thank You
  4. NOTE: I realize that an answer to the below is speculative and that most who work within the law do not like to deal in “what ifs” and or speculative scenarios however once something has been restricted or banned by an act of government it is then more often than not too late to do anything about it. That’s not to say no act of government is ever reversed but that it is rare. Q: If my right to travel without the use of a motorized vehicle of any kind is Constitutionally guaranteed as many of you have stated then what prevents the state (or government at any level) from requiring licensing to travel on these same roads by any non-motorized means including but not limited to my own body or more precisely my legs? Before replying along the lines of “that’s an absurd statement” please keep in mind that in recent years the government at many levels has tried to enact laws, statues, ordinances for a variety of acts that just a few years back would have been perceived as being absurd. This would include both unsuccessful and successful passing of these restrictions. Failed examples include banning large sized sodas. Successful examples include making it illegal to catch and retain use of rain water that falls on your property. With regards to the question of can one travel on public roads without a government provided license I would ask this, if it’s not legal to do this then why would a law enforcement officer such as a police officer, let an unlicensed driver who has no tags on their vehicle and who is driving on public streets, go about their way without even so much as a warning ticket or citation after the officer has pulled the individual and knows that they are traveling in an automotive vehicle without a license or tags? While some might be tempted to say it was because the officer was cutting the guy a break please keep in mind that such an explanation sounds far more ludicrous then the statement that we can travel on public roads with a government issued license. Legitimate and logical comments only please. I’m not looking to argue that you are wrong about not having the right to travel via motorized vehicle on public roads. Thank You
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