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  1. Thanks for your responses. I like the fedex suggestion. I am speaking with a local lawyer about this as well. Making the payment would be prudent though it will be curious if they will be able to tender the payment with just the citation number if they are unable to retrieve these details. Interesting link though on this subject that I recently found. http://www.avvo.com/legal-answers/in-the-state-of-ohio-how-long-does-an-officer-to-f-1626420.html
  2. Um yes, I did call the county clerk which is how i found out it isn't on file with them, as well as the state patrol where the officer is associated and they too do not have it on file and I called the magistrate as well and they told me to call the day of the court date. I have done my due dilegence. They indicated that the officer has until the day to submit the citation on file. After that, then what? I assume that if he does not, I am off the hook. That is the point I am getting at. I appreciate actual responses from a lawyer or someone in this field not some random individual who feels like being condescending and knows nothing of these situations. Thanks anyway for your commentary. Very amusing.
  3. I received a citation a month ago in Iowa, and I could mail in the payment for the ticket in lieu of going to the court date, however it appears according the the state patrol that the citation was never filed nor is it filed at the county clerk so I cannot pay online. Court date is in two days and if it isn't filed so that I can pay online and i am unable to attend the court date being that I am not a resident of the issuing state for the citation (I live in another state), what happens? Should I be contacting the magistrate/court clerk the date of the court date to see if I can still make payment?
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