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  1. I was being detained in jail under 0 bond for a driving offense in the "holding cell".The sargent on duty along with three other officers approched my cell,he threatened me and then he and another officer had my hands behind my back and one holding my the doorway the Sargent slammed my face into the metal doorway with such a force that both our feet came off the floor and bounced out into the common area where all the officers jumped on me and handcuffed me.He busted my nose,head,choked me,busted out a front tooth and I bled a large amount.He then charged me with"assualting an officer",I was cleaned up by the nurse and then locked up for the charge in general population.I had a concusion but was given a matt and told to lay on cell floor(bed was taken by other inmate).Hired an attorney who produced the jailhouse cd of the whole incident...this Sargent claimed I kneed him in the groin and assaulted him and his staff.....the video clearly showed I did nothing wrong and was found "NOT GUILTY" of the assault.This Sargent lied multiple times under oath in the courtroom but nothing was done to him.I have tried over fifty attorneys to represent no avail.They all say it would cost too much in Federal court but all claim I have an open and shut case!I am desperate...I don't know what to do...what to charge...who to to do it on my own...They assaulted and battered me and violated multiple civil rights....and it is all on tape.What I fear is watching the news...and this sadist has killed someone.Please help...desperate in N.C.