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  1. I am writing this on behalf of my wife, as she is very distraught over the death of her father, and she's having a tough time dealing with the details. My wife's father (my father-in-law) passed away about 3 weeks ago. He left a will. My wife's oldest sister has the will, but so far when asked, she has avoided providing my wife a copy of the will. My wife's oldest sister has said that she was left everything, but without seeing the will there is no way to know if this is true. The oldest sister has supposedly hired a lawyer, who supposedly told her that it was going to take about 3 weeks before she would be able to find out how much is in the father's checking account, etc. There is a home that Zillow says has a $100,000 value but my wife has no idea how much equity is in the home, and how much is still owed. The oldest sister has said that she intends to keep, and live in the house. There is a large pickup truck that is supposedly worth $20,000, of which $12,000 is supposedly still owed. My wife expressed to her older sister that she would like to have this truck, if possible (having no idea what is actually in the will). There are also other assets, such as all of the house contents, a small business and all the equipment, such as two cargo vans, painting equipment, etc. My wife's oldest sister just called my wife and left her a message saying that if my wife wants the truck my wife needs to immediately make a payment on the truck, and make an insurance payment on the truck, or the truck will be repossessed. What should my wife do at this point? Just send her sister the money and hope for the best? Make a payment directly to the finance and insurance companies, and hope for the best when her sister wraps up the estate details? I have a hunch that the oldest sister is simply named executor of the will, and the estate is supposed to be split 3 ways, between the three sisters, but no way to prove that without being able to see the will. This is what the old will stated, prior the the father changing the executor to the oldest sister. In the previous will his ex-wife was designated as the executor. Other info: My wife's father lived and died it Tennessee. My wife and I currently live in Florida. Not sure if that matters. My wife was legally adopted by her father, and the other two sisters (one older, and one younger) are blood kin to the father. What are my wife's rights, and options in this situation? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
  2. Yes, I have. She avoids giving me any info regarding the situation so that I can help, which leads me to think she is hiding something.
  3. There are many things she could have done to avoid the 6 months of bills due to waiting for my uncle to return from Las Vegas to do the cabinet work. I believe that there are things that could be done to recover the cost of the broken sewer pipe damages, she just "doesn't have the time" to bother with it. Mom did not Leave the place. She died while living there. Shouldn't my sister / the executor be responsible for doing what is necessary to recover these costs? There are many things she could have done to avoid the foreclosure action that cost almost $3000. Is the estate responsible for her careless handling of these things, or can the executor be held liable?
  4. My mother passed away in December of 2014 and basically the only thing she left to my sister and I is her condominium in Michigan. My sister, who lives in Michigan, was designated as executor of the will. After the funeral several weeks passed before my sister visited mom's condo, and when she finally got around to going there she discovered that a sewer pipe in the ceiling (which separates the upstairs condo) had burst, causing waste water damage to mom's condo on the ground floor. My sister tells me that Mom's homeowner's insurance is refusing to pay for the damages because my mother no longer resided in the condo at the time of the damage. She tells me that the upstairs neighbor's insurance claims to not be responsible. My sister also tells me that my uncle reviewed the condo association charter, and the wording seems to indicate the condo association is responsible, and should pay for the damages, though they are refusing. My sister has told me that she doesn't have the time to bother with the issue, and seems to be planning on just getting back the cleanup and repair costs out of the home sale money without further effort to recover cost of damages from anyone. I believe this is about $4000 from what I have been able to piece together. My sister decided to wait 6 months before getting the carpet replaced, and getting the kitchen cabinets replaced until our uncle returned from Las Vegas so that he could do the cabinet repairs. I believe the cost to the estate for the job he did was about $850. Through this 6 month wait for my uncle to do the work my sister continued to pay all of the utility bills for the condo, as well as the condo association monthly fee (I thought), all of which she plans to be reimbursed for out of the condo sale price. The work on the condo finally got done upon my uncle's return from 6 months in Las Vegas, the condo was put on the market, it sold, and the sale was completed within a couple of months. About $35,000 remains after closing costs. My sister now tells me that besides the 6+ months of bills, money she borrowed from 3 of my uncles for funereal expenses and the clean up/repairs to the condo she also owes her mother-in-law $2,954 which she had to borrow to stop an attempted foreclosure on the condo due to her not making the condo association payments. This is her explanation in an email I got from her yesterday: $2,954 Elizabeth xxxx (attempted foreclosure by Condo) -- *see below *Condo Management Assoc I spoke to early on. They contacted me about payments of monthly condo dues. I explained that I was the PR of the Estate and trying to get them paid (but I had no $) - trying to balance mom's bills and my own proved to be more than I expected - keeping 2 households afloat. They said they would work with me, would file a lien with the estate and when the condo sold they'd get paid, I thought great that's the way to go. Well, lo and behold during all the other stuff going on when trying to get the condo cleaned up after the major leak, their attorney filed papers to foreclose on the condo. I called an attorney I used to work with (he didnt charge me anything for his phone calls or the letters to & from), but the Condo's Mgmt company wouldnt budge. So, my mother in law loaned me the money to pay the bill and then I had all these other fees to pay. I've attached a copy of the letters so you can see all the crap they charged for. So, my questions are these: Is it okay for her to just stop pursuing any claim for the sewer pipe damages of about $4000? Does it seem likely that mom's homeowner's insurance company can really deny the claim on the sewer pipe damages because mom didn't live there due to her death, or are they BSing my sister? OR is my sister BSing me? Was it okay for my sister to continue to pay the utility bills and wait 6 months for my uncle to return from Vegas so he could do the cabinet damage repairs, rather than at least getting estimates and possibly spent less than what the 6 months of bills + my uncle's fees cost the estate? (also possibly avoiding the attempted foreclosure too?). Is the estate really responsible for the $2,954 foreclosure costs due to my sister's mishandling of things and not making the condo association monthly payments? (had she asked the payments could have easily been raised between me, my son, and my daughter but she never told anyone that there was any issue with money). Or should my sister have to pay for that due to her negligence? Is there any basis to sue my sister, or how can I stop her somehow from taking estate money to pay for her screw ups? I know it's not a lot of money, but it would make a huge difference in my life. As of now I am looking at getting a total of about $7500 as my half of what's left from the $35,000 money from the sale of the condo. I figure I'd be getting an additional $1500 minimum to about $4000 or more if my sister handled things properly. That's a LOT of money to me. Also, I live in Florida, if that matters.
  5. . . . and unfortunately I live in Tampa, FL so I am trying to get some guidance to assist her. She is 19 years old. She has had her driver's license for 3 months, and bought a car for $2,500 when she got her license. She only has liability insurance. According to what she tells me she was parked on the side of a road, at a curb, in front of a house. Behind her there was a sharp blind curve. When leaving this house she needed to travel in the direction the road goes behind her, so she was going to pull away from the curb and cross the road to her left, pull into a parking lot on that side of the 2 lane residential road, turn around, and exit the parking lot in the other direction. Well, as she pulled away from the curb and started across the road a car came speeding around the blind curve from behind her, saw her, tried to avoid hitting her, and ended up hitting the front end of her car, his car being on the wrong side of the road, because the front of her car had just made it across the middle of the road at that time. She got a ticket for failure to yield. He got a ticket for swerving into oncoming traffic. There were no skid marks. My daughter's car was totaled. His car was barely damaged. My daughter says that she absolutely looked before trying to cross the road, there was no car coming, if the other driver hadn't been speeding she would have made it across the road, and there would have been no accident. My daughter's insurance company tells her she doesn't have any case against the other driver because they both got tickets, and they are both considered at fault. Is this statement likely to be accurate? Does she have a reasonable chance to fight the failure to yield ticket and win, just so she doesn't have it on her record? If she wins, would she then have a case against the other driver? She saved for a long time to buy that car, and she is devastated. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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