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  1. There was no mistake on the assertion of the prosecutor as the law clearly states the judge has no authority in that. Again this an instance where the Legislator forces the Judiciary's hand. What I am asking is not if the state was correct BUT is there any recourse. Recall that WA state had been hauled before the court because they were locking up sex offenders even after they had served their sentences. When the court found that unconstitutional the legislator did an end run on the decision and instituted the Indeterminate + 1 community supervision and continued to lock up the most dangerous offenders in "Community Housing". Those individuals have recourse to argue for their full release from supervision via the Indeterminate Sentencing Review Board. I am trying to ascertain if there is any recourse for a low level offender not ensconced in "Community housing" to do the same. Does the ISRB have juristiction?
  2. Is anyone aware of any recourse that one may have for challenging " Indeterminate + 1" supervision for a low level SSOSA sex offender in WA state. Does the indeterminate sentence review board have jurisdiction? My brother has been a model citizen and has not been revoked at all for the last ten years and his judge, CCO and Shrink all say he is good to be released but the prosecutor says the judge has zero authority in this matter and refuses to assist in his release from community supervision. Any help or wisdom would be of great help
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