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  1. Thank you Tobias. I researched more and seems there is no way around "single claim" / one item per design patent. If I would start a kickstarter campaign for a dining set and I realize it would be worth filing utility patent, how much time after making it public would I have to secure the patent?
  2. USPTO site fees are confusing and I don't know what is all absolutely necessary tp pay so can someone with experience roughly estimate total cost for securing utility patent. I would qualify for micro entity; I have 40 pages of text and 40 pages of drawings (used for Provisional patent application so I would need a few more pages for claims and the rest). Also, how much could I expect to pay to someone to rewrite rather detailed PPA into qualifying patent application? It is a software patent but described as "device".
  3. Since patents are expensive I was thinking of combining multiple items in one Design patent. Is that possible? Imagine I design a spoon; Can I add more items and register it as one flatware set of several different spoons, forks and knives? If it is possible, how far could I stretch it ("modern home set design patent" including furniture, kitchenware, lamps...)? Thank you
  4. Thank you. I will reserach both options more.
  5. I have read that investors prefer corporations than in LLCs and that is my longer term goal. Also, I am in NY, and here there is additional cost of over $2000 for newspaper announcement for LLCs and that is starting cost I would like to avoid.
  6. I am almost finished writing a software and I want to register an S-Corp to protect my personal property against patent trolls and any other potential problems. I don't expect significant profit from the software in the next severeal years (less than few hundreds a month), I will not have any expenses, no office (work from home), no employees and no sallary for myself. How much will I need to invest time and money monthly for the birocracy of the corporation itself.? Is there anything more than submitting yearly taxes in my case?
  7. In Swizerland there is an IT company named the same as a software I am making. They were first. The name is two english words merged together, not descriptive. Can they take legal actions against me?
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