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  1. Do not worry about where I've done my research. You are in fact the type of person I had in mind when I stated that uncalled for statements need not be made. I do not have to answer to you nor justify anything I said above. If I were only looking for supporting comments then I wouldn't have posted on this forum. There were people above who all disagreed with my idea but did it in a respectful and very tasteful manner. I did not mention that I wanted to help the individual who passed away family. I simply stated that it motivated me to want to help others avoid the situation that his family is now facing. Please take your judgmental opinions somewhere else and stuff it where the sun won't shine.Thank you.
  2. Oh I thought you were stating that you had ideas relating to the topic of will writing. I already have a steady income I was only looking for ways to help others prepare their final wishes. My motivation came from a recent death of a young individual I knew who didnt have life insurance or a will but leaves behind 3.5 children by 3 different women (one child on the way) and no wife. His mother will not have the finances for probate to claim his assests and probably doesn't know the next steps to ensuring that his assests are split equally to all grandchildren.
  3. @Fallen.......... Thank you for your opinion and just like Tax_Counsel you make very valid points. In regards to the statement you made (below) what type of ideas do you suggest? "I can think of dozens of ways to make the kind of dough you're contemplating without all the same significant legal ramifications/hassles (recognizing that anyone can sue anyone else for anything, but it's best not to give them an all-but-engraved invitation)."
  4. I have been researching will construction and state laws concerning validity of wills and I am interested in helping others construct their wills. I understand I can not give legal advice on what to do with their will or who they should include in the will but I would like to charge a construction fee of around $40. I plan on construction very detailed questionaires and using the answers given to construct the will. I haven't found any information on the internet stating that it is illegal to charge people to create their wills and I figure if there are a bunch of random websites online charging $40-$100 for a basic will that is instantly printable, why shouldn't I be able to do the same? Of course I plan to create "Statements of Understanding" that will be signed by the individual saying that they understand the law does not require them to use my services and that they understand that I am not an attorney. I will also include that the will adheres to the current state law and the validity may change over the years as the laws changes. Finally, I was thinking of getting my Notary Seal and was wondering if I would be able to notarize the wills upon completion following all notarizing laws, while also reminding the customer that I am not an attorney. Everyone please give your best advice. I've read a bunch of topics and the responses and I ask that you please keep all negative remarks to yourself if it isn't called for. Thank you in advance.
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