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  1. I purchased an antique car from the estate of someone who died in NC. I need to obtain further documentation from the executor of the estate to be able to obtain a title. When contacting the probate court in the county where the owner lived, I was told they have no record of the estate. How do I find where this estate was p robated
  2. I recently inherited a mortgage and note on a home a piece of land sold and financed by my father. The note has about 24 years left on it and I want to collect the funds now and not continue to receive a monthly payment. I have approached the people who are paying the note and asked if they would refinance and even offered more property and a discounted price on the note. They will not do so? Is there any way I can force them to refinance? The note states they have to keep insurance and cannot be late on any payments or they will be in default. They currently have the required insurance but have been late by 2-3 days on several payments. I have looked into selling the note but the discounted price is ridiculous. Any suggestions, please
  3. The vehicle along with the lien was awarded to me by the judge overseeing the probate proceedings. The car was in my posession and work had begun prior to the lien being attached. My attorney handled the proceedings concerning the probate court. He wants another retainer to handle future proceedings.
  4. I was recently awarded a vehicle that I have a mechanics lien against from an insolvent estate. I had to go through the entire process including filing a claim, filing for a hearing, hiring an attorney, etc. The car that I was awarded as payment for services rendered has a lien by a large bank. Since the bank never filed any claim against the estate for the lien does that still allow them to demand payment of the amount owed before I can obtain the title? If so what suggestions might someone have concerning on what to do next?
  5. I filed a pleading for defamation in Common Pleas and 28 days after the defendant was served and prior to responding, he died. This action was filed in the state of NC. My question is will this action survive his death or will it be dismissed. A part of the pleading included an unpaid debt of services rendered (extensive repairs to an older automobile which I am still in possession). If not how long can I expect this to take before it will be settled considering the civil action? Basically, can I negotiate with the executor to settle this immediately to avoid a long and drawn out process?
  6. It says on under sentencing "Fine or Jail time"......Begin date today and end date 30 days from now
  7. Someone I know was supposed to go to magistrates court today on a criminal charge. The county index says Status: Failure to Comply Disposition: TIA Guilty Bench Trial Does this mean he did now show and was sentenced to 30 days? Not sure what TIA means
  8. This person has now escallated this situation to another level. Today he text me saying he was held up on the interstate and would be there in 15 minutes to view the progress of his car (substantial work had been done since his last visit).. I had already been notified by a friend at a nearby restaurant that he was inside taking pictures of my shop. I went to the shop and politely told him that he was welcome to come to the shop if he wanted a better view. He eventually arrived and he did everything in his power to escalate it to a physical confrontation even begging me to hit him. I did not and after he called me every name he could think of he left. Several minutes later a friend called me and told me someone (him) was standing outside a local Walmant handing out fliers with my picture and details of an arrest over 4 years ago (totally unrelated and subsequently dropped).. He was stopping patrons and telling them that I was a criminal in the communtiy. a liar, a thief, an amateur and my employees were drug addicts and alcholics. He had over a hundred fliers printed up according to my friend and was stopping patrons of the walmant as they left to tell them to help him put me in jail. What if anything can I do and how. Thanks
  9. Yes, I can. Customers who had work scheduled have cancelled due to his posts on Craigslist (they told me so verbally). One actually came and removed what I was doing for him before I had the opportunity to finish. Also, my landlord is considering evicting me as well as vendors whom I deal with have threatened to stop servicing me due to his statements.
  10. I think he has been very careful about what he says. Like the previous poster stated the closest thing he has said to be considered libel is that I am well known in the community as a "bad apple". He is posting different things constantly with the heading of his posts saying " update:". He has cost me business and that is what wanted to do. I hope however, that if this escalates to small claims court, his actions will be detrimental to his case.
  11. I offer a service and a customer has decided that I am not paying enough attention to his project. He has begun sending texts and emails in the middle of the night making demands on what I should do. Last week at 3 AM I received a text telling me that I should expect "round two" and he was ramping up his efforts to make me meet his demands. Since then he has begun posting negative statements on his face book page. Now he is posting negative statements on Craigslist for everyone to see. He is making statements that such as I am a well known "bad egg" in the community. He is listing the name and phone number to the county magistrates office encouraging people to file complaints as well. He is letting it be know in general terms where I live and telling others to help and put me out of business. I understand that if what he says is true but he is making the determination of ther truth on his own. Is there anything I can do about this legally. So far I have not responded in anyway.
  12. I had a customer bring in some parts for his car that he wanted repaired. It has been over 30 days and he has not returned to pay for them, What can I do at this point to dispose of them. Can they be sold for payment? If so what type of notification do I have to attempt to deliver to the customer before doing so.
  13. It was filed in magistrates court. I have a court date pending. The officers will appear at my motion to dismiss and say he agreed to no further litigation if I released his vehicle. He claimed the repairs were not up to his standards in this case the paint was not shiny enough. I have obtained the police report that states bluntly that he agreed to no litigation if car was released. He has filed wanting $1399
  14. The customer stated that the repairs did not meet his standards. From what you are saying, I take it that a verbal agreement is not a binding agreement in the state of SC. I have used written "General Release of Liability" agreement in the past and it was in forced. I was under the impression that a verbal release would be as effective. The officers are willing to testify that he made the agreement and video evidence is also available due to a vest camera on the officers.
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