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  1. What if we charged them with discrimination. My father had a stroke about a year ago, and they were taking advantage. Telling him what his pay would be and then changing it, I am sure that he signed something in the initial interview on what his job description and pay was, which they changed once he started.
  2. Timeless Frames hired my father for a full time position about a month ago. During his hiring interview they told him what his pay would be and what he would be doing. The day he started he found out that he was not going to be doing the job they hired him for and that his pay was $2 less than they had previously told him during his interview. He was working 60 hours a week right off with no training and being shuffled from one thing to the next. Then they wanted him to do deliveries so he started driving all over NY state doing deliveries. On the first delivery he had a supervisor with him who reviewed the other drivers log book during the drive to discover that the other driver was not taking the required breaks that you are required to take as a driver so that he could get done quicker. The other driver was fudging the books as they could tell during the deliveries. This supervisor told my father that this driver would have to be talked to about this because it is illegal and that he would be letting the boss know about this right away. Then my father had to make an overnight trip to New Jersey and NY city. He got back home very late Friday night, got a few hours of sleep and then had to make another delivery to Syracuse on Saturday. When he returned to work from this trip, his boss took him aside and told him that he was not doing deliveries quickly enough and that they would have to let him go. He was fired December 21st, right before Christmas. My father said that he knew that they had other jobs in the building that he could do if they were not happy with his delivery times and his boss told him that they had nothing for him and he was fired. My dad was doing deliveries and following New York state regulations. The other drivers illegal driving was brought to light and my dad was fired because of it. He did nothing wrong, he was honest and hard working, and he was fired for it. What legal action can we take. Can we get them to at least pay him what he was making until he finds another job?
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