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  1. Since I was the one who was criticized by the poster, I will say this. How many hours of additional services remain to be performed? Who is supposed to pay for additional/future services (either you and/or your ex-spouse)?
  2. It would probably be a good idea to make a trip to the Court Clerk's office to see whether the 2014 entry made it into the Clerk's file jacket for your case (this assumes that there is indeed a paper file jacket rather than just a computerized version). The 2 entries seem to contradict one another
  3. Did you ever bother to pay this attorney for his/her future contemplated services after the divorce (ie. preparing QDRO) or did you think that the attorney was supposed to provide unlimited services after the divorce for the rest of his/her life without getting paid for the applicable post-di- vorce services?
  4. you should be able to participate in the court hearings by speakerphone from whatever jail/correctional facility that you are located at. How much credibility that you will have with the Court is unknown. What are you incarcerated for and assuming that you are determined to be guilty, what maximum do you face?
  5. for a jury trial, possibly yes depending on what bad/misleading info that you want to keep out.
  6. why don't you prepare a written agreement for the creditor's attorney to sign to spare an in-court hearing taking place? The parties agree to vacate the judgment previously entered against Deft on MonthDayYear and the Plaintiff also now dismisses this cause with prejudice, without objection by Defendant.......
  7. Getting a guardianship through a Court can sometimes be difficult because of HIPAA "issues"
  8. It is up to your mother to get it revised by an attorney and get the revision approved by the current Judge who has jurisdiction over the case It probably also needs to be certified by the Court Clerk (a seal) and then mailed by certified mail rrr. Either your mother/father can discuss with their own respective attorney(s) the applicable procedure(s) concerning "recovery of overpayments". Frankly, your father should be handling this issue rather than you getting too involved in this
  9. It would help for ease in reading that when you post that you utilize separate paragraphs of maybe 2 to 3 sentences for each new paragraph. I recommend that you request the Court to appoint a Parenting Time Coordinator (PTC) if that method is available in your state. Although the PTC will be paid for his/her services, the Court won't have to hear all of the psychological stuff going on between you and your ex
  10. There's an equitable principle that may be applicable even if it is too late for perjury. Unclean hands And fighting over who gets + 10 years old furniture is absolutely insane except for the attorneys who are accruing attorney fees.
  11. He could seek a Protective Order against her if her conduct is truly physically threatening or harassing, to him (more than just annoying to him) under Alabama's civil protective order statutes.
  12. Make a written request for a Court Hearing (with the Court) Serve the child support enforcement agency with that Notice Attend the Court Hearing
  13. The wasps may invade the interior of the premises if they can find a way in. If you kill any of them put them in a jar and take that jar to the lazy rental agent's office after taking a picture of the jar
  14. Ted - IWOs are required in most states so that's how many cases have child support paid
  15. In my state the technical legal requirements to get a name change are (1) either your consent; or (2) you have been out of the children's lives for at least a year (failed to meaningfully communicate with the children when you had opportunity to do so - she didn't block you from doing so); (3) failure to meaningfully support the children when you had the capability of doing so for at least one year. Essentially, these are the same as for an adoption other than in an adoption the non-custodial parent's child support obligation ends but not in a name change case. Let her attorney soak her for as much money as possible despite that she has little if any chance of success.
  16. you would proably need to hire somebody just one week or less out of law school to get a lower retainer. Or you could try a legal aid clinic in your area or a pro bono panel, if you qualify under their guidelines. You may have to utilize some of your 2015 fedeal income tax refund. The reason why the retainers are as high as they are is because some clients have zero integrity about paying their balance
  17. Not to be too technical, but you can sue your insurance company for breach of their written contract with you. It is not an "...├Ąppeal." To whatever extent that the insurance company would pay you, the insurance company is legally subrogated to collect from the ex-tenants. You may spend $10,000 or more in attorney fees in your battle with your insurance company in the case against the insurance company. It would probably be prudent to go to arbitration or mediation with your insurance company or chase your ex-tenants but that is your choice, depending on the insurance contract language
  18. Get the Court Orders certified by the Court Clerk and keep them with you at all times. in case she won't return the children to you so that you can show the police if necessary. Unfortunately some people such as your ex are low lifes.
  19. a 70 miles trip to Court should not be a significant hardship to most adults unless they have driver's license issues. You may have been able to participate by speakerphone had you bothered to ask the Court in advance.
  20. There's a reason why I generally dislike Libertarians and its because there's this strong train of thought in the US that exists that everyone can and should represent themselves in Court in every case, without any government interference and regardless of the possible consequences for doing so.
  21. First, you need to hire an attorney to represent yourself in this matter. You're certainly not an attorney with years of Courtroom experience and there's no guarantee that the Court will give you a leg up just because you may choose to be pro se. This response is based on how GAL's conduct themselves in my jurisdiction. A GAL/CLR may be governed by specific state statute. In one of the counties that I practice in it is sometimes indistinguishable what a GAL does and what a Custody Evaluator does. I would think that school and medical records are important as well as criminal (including driving) background histories are important. Is the allocation of the GAL's fees reflected in a Court Order or is that merely what was verbally agreed? The GAL is an arm of the Court. Unless you're dealing illicit drugs from your residence, the 4th Amendment is largely irrelevant to your case. You could always file a Motion with the Court asking that she post a cash bond with the Court Clerk to minimize the likelihood that she would skip and disregard the existing Court Order. This is sometimes done with parents who want to take their child to a foreign country.
  22. who did you defraud (a private individual/financial institution/private company/governmental entity)? Your question should have been asked to your attorney after your sentencing hearing. Completely walking away from this obligation shows that your criminal sentence really did not teach you basic integrity. You should be ashamed.
  23. If these 2 people were appointed as Co-Executors by a Court, that Judge really ought to step down from his/her judicial office (unless either Co-Executor was an attorney or bank trust dept officer with significant estate admin. experience).
  24. How about starting by contacting that county's Bar Association and asking them if they have a Lawyer Referral Service as part of their Bar Association........ *
  25. Do you have the Arizona Court Cause #? You will likely need to ascertain what that Court said concerning Parenting Time. The fact that you pay child support is largely irrelevant as to the issue of parenting time that you are to receive.
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