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  1. Yeah I figured as much, but since I'm applying overseas and I supply immigration with my FBI check, I just need THAT to come back with "no record"
  2. I just asked a question so sorry if this is redundant, i'm just a little confused. I heard that if you get something expunged or sealed, then they are not allowed to disclose it to non law enforcement or people/organizations without a certain level of clearance code. I read that an FBI BG check will list everything. On the contrary, I also read that sealed or expunged record will be omitted if the request is sent by a business, landlord, or other persons. So basically, everything is there forever, but only specific people/jobs can see it, depending. Without proper clearance, things show up as "no record", if you successfully expunged or sealed it. Is this true? What is true?
  3. I've already said goodbye to that offer but I still want it gone so I can try again. I had no idea Korea was so strict until after it was offered so I looked into process. It has never held me back before so I never considered it too damaging. However I have heard a lot about clearing FBI records which is possible, so I will just ask an attorney because I think you are wrong about the last part. Or maybe I just hope you are wrong. Thanks for another perspective
  4. Thank you for this information! I really appreciate it. Is hiring an attorney cheaper for record sealing than expunges? I got quoted $950-$1500 for online sites, and $2000+ for private practice. Or I guess I can just Google this to stop pestering you haha. But I just reread my email about my denial, and they kept talking about how I should still use them for record sealing. I ignored it because I thought record sealing wouldnt produce the results I'm willing to pay for, but I guess it makes sense that if i dont have a conviction then I would be denied by default. Oh man I would be so happy if this isn't nearly as expensive. Cheers, mate. I really appreciate it
  5. I was trying to go through the county's clerk office, but there are no forms for sealing/expuntion.
  6. Yeah but it confused me more. The problem I'm seeing is the fact they say I'm not eligible without conviction. As for record sealing, will it still show up on an FBI background check? I am looking for it to say "no record" but everything is saying only expunctions say that
  7. Back in 2007 i was arrested for a felony and 2 misdemeanors for possession of a controlled substance. After a year, my case was dismissed. It is my first and only offense. I did no deferred ajudification nor did I pay any fines or have probation or community service. Since I never went to trial or had any punishment, I spent these years thinking I didn't have to worry about this ever again (minus the PTSD I still suffer...I never even got detention in school). Fast forward to this November. I've done well with my life so far, but I'm looking for bigger and brighter opportunities and found my dream job in south Korea. Unfortunately you can't get a work visa with an arrest record. You need an FBI BG check, too. No biggie, I thought. Never convicted, no problems since then, so should be a relatively easy process. Ah, I am still so naive. I found a site saying they can do it, so I took the eligibility test and was denied! I have been obsessing for weeks now and finally learned you can't expunge things without conviction, but I can't find any information on what to do now, if its even possible. Just doesn't seem fair if convicted people can and I can't. Some sites then told me I can, and I met all requirements for that. So, can anyone tell me why i am not eligible in tx? And how to clear my arrest record, if I can? I really want this job. Oh yeah, I also live in Asia, so I would need advice from doing this overseas. Should I kiss my dreams goodbye?
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