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  1. Not at all illegal to forbid employees from parking in the lot and taking up spots intended for customers. It isn't even unusual, particularly in places with limited parking. Look at most any store or shopping center. The closest spots are customer spots, not employees.
  2. ElleMD


    So they expelled your child for some behavioral reason and you want to sue them for what exactly? It seems pretty clear to me based on just what you shared that they don't owe you for anything paid or due if your kid is expelled.
  3. It takes more than just a Master's alone to qualify but this is really not a DIY project. You really need an immigration attorney to help you. https://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/permanent-workers/employment-based-immigration-second-preference-eb-2 is just a starting point.
  4. Dude, you aren't helping your case any. They did nothing at all that justifies your criminal behavior against them. This was not an illegal detention. You were a patient. You hadn't been released as you were still there. You had given permission to speak to your brother and hadn't revoked consent. If you were not in a capable state to do so, your revocation would be meaningless anyway. The guard probably looked concerned as you were spouting nonsense. You weren't in the middle of a boxing match, you were presumably leaving with your brother so there was zero reason for you to say anything let alone punch anyone.
  5. You criminally assaulted someone so a lawyer might be a good idea, but not for the reason you think. If the director does not press charges and you aren't arrested for assault count yourself extremely lucky. Nothing at all you describe is a HIPAA violation but you can certainly file a complaint if you want to do so. It doesn't give you any sort of private right of action. It sounds like you are in need of some serious mental health services and I hope that you get them before you end up in even more legal hot water or worse. The next person may not be a clinical director who "understands" your disorder and is willing to overlook your atrocious behavior.
  6. The note itself doesn't change anything as far as OSHA. OSHA violations also don't carry with them a private right to action so even if your employer does leave it off the OSHA log at the end of the year, not much would happen other than OSHA would tell them to correct the deficiency. They have much bigger fish to fry. Placing you on restricted duty is entirely legal, exceedingly common, and a best practice. No violation at all and has nothing to do with OSHA.
  7. The doctor need not be in the US, HOWEVER, doctors outside the US, unless they serve a large expat population, are generally confused by FMLA paperwork. Expect your mother to have to explain why it is needed and what is necessary. The fact that she hasn't seen the doctor in 2 months may or may not matter. For example, if she was blind from birth, a doctor certifying her visual impairment 2 months ago is just as valid then as it would be now. If it were recovery from surgery which took place 2 months ago, a certification from 2 months ago would be woefully out of date.
  8. Sounds like this was just a bad work environment and she is better off elsewhere. It happens. Could be that the owner has some sort of diagnosable mental condition. Could just be that she is a busy body. Either way, nothing you describe gives a clear indication there is any legal remedy.
  9. What do you mean by "take control"? What do you mean by "incapacitated"? Do you mean the son had POA of some kind when the father was alive?
  10. Not having read anything you signed, it is impossible to comment about your obligations. One doesn't just purchase a service dog on the spur of the moment so it seems off you would agree to move in with someone who was planning to get one if you are allergic, but you have a few choices. You mention "student" housing though not if this is official campus housing or not. You can approach the student housing department at your school if they are in any way affiliated with the school as the school may be able to intercede or have some way of assisting. Many schools also offer free or greatly reduced cost legal services to students. Take the lease you signed to them to discuss your options. It is peak leasing season so use your network and that of your roommates to find someone to take your place.
  11. How is your child making rude remarks to you child abuse? I suggest you address it with your co-parent as you would any other misbehavior. You live with the child full time. How do you handle other behavior you as a parent do not approve?
  12. Depends entirely on the branch/agency and the laws/regulations of that branch/agency. There is nothing inherently illegal about it. It isn't unusual for government employers to have policies allowing or even encouraging employees to volunteer on "company" time. Heck, this was passed by the governor in my state for state employees. It isn't for weeks at a time, but there are a certain number of hours granted as paid leave that can only be used to volunteer for charity/non-profits. There are also times when a government agency partners with a NGO and that can last years. If you are unhappy about this situation about which you have not provided any details, you can share your opinion with your elected officials which have jurisdiction over the governmental unit you are referencing.
  13. I'm going on a limb and saying your parents are not residents of CA. As such, you only would be is you can demonstrate that you are financially independent from them, support yourself, and are a resident of CA. Like many college students, you aren't independent and don't truly live on your own; your parents are still supporting you though you earn some money here and there. If that is the case, your primary residence is considered to be your parents'. Many a college student and parent has attempted to skirt the rules by securing off campus housing for their out of state college student and claiming it as the student's "home". This is why colleges look at more than just mailing address when determining residency status.
  14. Well, she doesn't have to hand the child over to some random adult who promise that sure, they will take him to see his Dad. Custody is between the parents and there can be important information that ought to be shared at the time of the exchange (Junior had an ear infection, here are his antibiotics he gets twice a day, etc.). If you must you can modify the agreement to have the exchange in a public location or police station, but you will need to have a solid reason for doing this. It isn't clear what if anything has come of her allegations and if there is any merit to them. It also isn't clear how old your child is.
  15. So, your job was to make beds and clean rooms, which your employer asked you to do. You haven't indicated you had any sort of medical condition that would require modified duties (pregnancy doesn't automatically limit this), nor that you ever provided medical documentation to this effect. While you were supposed to be working, you were on the phone with a friend were you made multiple negative comments about your boss where both your boss and presumably any guests or visitors could easily have and did overhear you. On the job. While working. Then you are acting like the injured party? When called on it you start crying and walk off the job and want to report this to HR. I'm genuinely curious what about loudly badmouthing your manager and griping about your duties to a friend while you are supposed to be working, then walking off the job, paints you in a positive light? The other complaints are either minor and or totally irrelevant to your situation. Telling other employees someone was terminated for stealing isn't even inappropriate, if i fact, that is what happened.
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