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  1. ElleMD

    Mysterious loss of ID

    If your ex is looking to make life difficult, they picked a strange way to do so. Travel is months away and replacing a current passport is not terribly difficult. Annoying maybe, but easily remedied. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/after/lost-stolen.html It is unclear why you would be the one to remedy this if the other parent is the one traveling out of country and lost the passports.
  2. ElleMD

    Sleeping arrangements

    This isn't a legal issue. Kids often share rooms for all sorts of reasons. A friend of mine has 4 kids in a 7 bedroom house and the oldest son and daughter chose to share a room even though they didn't have to.
  3. ElleMD

    Public Education Rights

    I'm familiar with such hearings (though not in your state) and this situation as you describe it doesn't even come close to the kind of convoluted situation that typically give rise to a hearing. Being mid-year isn't unusual. Nor does is it odd based upon the age of the student. The folks at the district office didn't wake up one day and decide that Junior is no longer a resident. Something caused them to believe Junior doesn't live in the district. They also didn't just pick another district at random and decide Junior must live there. Why district 2? Does the other parent live there? Did you live there until recently? Do you have stable housing in the district (as opposed to "couch surfing", staying at a hotel, etc.)? Did you share the court order granting you physical custody? Has this changed recently?
  4. ElleMD

    probation revoked on mentally ill

    You assume incorrectly. Unfortunately interventions become more difficult once the person reaches their majority. Early interventions when the person is still a minor are key. Not all conditions manifest that young, though it sounds like this young man has always had challenges. It is unclear where his parents are and if anyone has ever sought guardianship of him. It is NOT an easy or even cheap process but if this guy is totally incapable of managing his own affairs and not continually breaking the law, it may be warranted.
  5. ElleMD

    Teen parents

    18 is legally an adult, not a teenager. Other than one parent having a pretty common medical condition and both using a controlled substance at some undetermined frequency, it is unclear how the child is actually in danger. You don't say how you are related to these two young adults or the baby. If it is your home, certainly you are free to enforce whatever rules you like for the household regarding smoking or marijuana use. You don't mention if this is medical use or recreational. Possession of small amounts is just a misdemeanor. While the jury is out regarding the true effects of marijuana use for breastfeeding mothers, I would be surprised if personal use ( as opposed to a criminal conviction for distribution and or trafficking) were enough to cause a loss of custody any more than a mother who consumes alcohol while breastfeeding. I'm not condoning using, just pointing out that it isn't the dire circumstance you appear to think it might be. You can share the following with the parents for reference https://www.cdc.gov/breastfeeding/breastfeeding-special-circumstances/vaccinations-medications-drugs/marijuana.html There are no laws in SC that require children have their own bedrooms. CPS isn't going around looking for kids to case manage or find foster families for. Unless your home is in such a state that it poses an imminent safety risk it won't be held against you that you are improving your home.
  6. I'd be surprised if any of us haven't experienced a rapid change in water temperature while in the shower at some point in our lives. It isn't necessarily the result of any sort of plumbing malfunction. Second degree burns are pretty uncommon though. Water would need to be around 150 degrees to cause a near instantaneous second degree burn. Were there burns to the rest of her body? Water that hot would cause more than just the top of her head to burn. She should file a report with the hotel. I agree that it makes no sense that she wouldn't have reported this when it happened or why she thinks this would have any affect on her employment prospects. Showing up at the interview with wet hair (which sounds like would have happened either way- her hair wouldn't be drier after a cooler shower than a hot one), particularly with no explanation, probably hurt her chances more than anything. That isn't on the hotel though. If she never sought any medical care and had no damages as a result, there isn't much the hotel can do for her. She didn't pay for the room so they can't refund her stay. They might as a good will gesture off a free night or some other offering. Liability isn't assessed based on what "might" have happened or what "could" happen in the future. The late reporting will raise red flags and it will be difficult to prove a week later that the injury was the result of the shower. Certainly if she is concerned about the wound, she should be seen by a health care professional. ERs at public hospitals will treat anyone who walks in the door. Some urgent care centers will as well as health clinics offered by the local health department. Ultimately though, it is HER decision. If she is unwilling to pursue it, there isn't anything you can do about it.
  7. ElleMD

    motion to suspend visitation

    If you have a complaint about another poster you have a few options. 1. Report it to the moderators and let them handle it as they see fit. 2. If it was an issue with how a poster directed a response directly to you, send them a private message and discuss it like an adult. 3. Shrug it off and move on. Posting on long dormant threads to complain about what happened on other boards or in posts other than your own is not acceptable. Neither is assuming that every poster interprets the tone the way you do or that other posters are turned off by the way information was shared is also inappropriate. If those posters take issue with what was shared with them, they can follow one of the 3 steps above but it is awfully presumptuous for you to intercede on their behalf to complain about something which they themselves did not complain about or which they handled in a manner they were comfortable with.
  8. ElleMD

    Parental Consent in California

    School systems the country over generally have policies that include requiring parental/guardian approval or notifying same regardless of the age of the student. If the student is over 18, they have the option of seeking an exception to those policies. (Conversely, most colleges have some sort of opt in policy as most students are over 18 when they enter, though typically still dependent upon their parents). This is not at all uncommon and you have a remedy if you wish an exception to the policies.
  9. ElleMD

    Sociopath narcissistic abuse

    Your poor choice of a partner doesn't provide a legal remedy. You can't sue him for being a poor choice, especially as you chose to stay with him for more than 2 decades. That's on you. As adjusterjack stated, if you are married and no longer wish to be, divorce him. That doesn't seem like something you should need a legal site to tell you. If you aren't married, break up and go your own way. Again, this is something which should be obvious and not require legal advice. It is unclear what legal question you are asking.
  10. ElleMD

    Dental and Dr visits / School Question

    I have a hard time buying that you can';t find any doctor or dentist with weekend hours. Heck, many urgent care facilities also offer primary care services and are open holidays too. As for school, it is unclear why you aren't meeting with teachers or discussing academic progress. One doesn't have to have the kid sleeping under your roof that night to take an interest. Many districts use an online platform (Edline, Schoology, Blackboard, etc.) to record and report assignments and grades so parents can see in real time how Junior is doing. I suggest looking to see what is done at your child's school.
  11. ElleMD

    Threats based on beliefs?

    Lowering your grade because your position was not appropriately supported, your arguments were poorly made, it did not meet the terms in the grading rubric, you were assigned a position for some educational purpose and chose not to do this (as a 20+ year HS debate coach, yes, this does happen and yes, it is legal to require students be able to support and defend a position they do not personally hold), it was not on an assigned topic, or your work only merited the grade you were given for reasons unrelated to the position you took (wrong format, didn't cite sources, used pen instead of typed, missed deadline, etc.) are entirely legal, even if you disagree with them. If you had merely expressed the opinion that abortion should be legal outside of the classroom, and your teacher retaliated, that would be a civil rights violation. When it is an assignment for class, it becomes a lot less clear. Trust me, the number of students in any given day who protest grades because they believe their teacher disagrees with the position they took is not small (and other posters here can attest I know of what I speak). The number that amount to civil rights violations is extremely small. Teachers are also allowed to express their personal beliefs and opinions. There is again, a fine line between being permitted to share their beliefs and prohibited acts. Your one comment lacks context and that is key. If it upsets you certainly you can talk to your administrator or guidance counselor. That would be the starting point for reporting any violation anyway. Requiring students to stand and recite the pledge is well established as a violation. As in 1943. Board v Barnette is the case if you wish to read up on it. Again, reporting it to the administration and or guidance counselor would be your first step. Your district undoubtedly also has a process for reporting violations that can not be resolved at the school level. Check online or with your student handbook for details.
  12. ElleMD

    Do I need to get a divorce?

    Are you legally married to this man? If yes, and you wish to no longer be married, you need to divorce. If you never actually married, divorce won't help you. If your name is on the deed, it is your house. You will need to sell it or buy one another out if one of you wishes to own it alone.
  13. If you want to see a counselor, see one. Your employer isn't obligated to provide one. They may offer an EAP voluntarily as a benefit to assist in finding a counselor. They are not obligated to keep you on salary nor create work for you, nor pay you a bonus or give you a raise because at some point you had a bad boss. They chose to increase your pay at some point, possibly because of what you experienced, but that was way above and beyond what was necessary. You aren't entitled to that generosity forever.
  14. You are the one asking about granting your mother assets while still collecting government benefits as though she didn't have those assets. Paying for a plane ticket once a year and sending her a sweater from Amazon are not even in the same league as inheriting $80K. If your aunt is truly the sole beneficiary and she wishes to gift $80K to you, nothing is stopping her. If you are using it to essentially finance your mother's lifestyle then it may count as fraud if she continues to represent that she has expenses she doe not actually bear or doesn't have assets you have bought her that she really does have. While buying the occasional gift is certainly permitted, it's going to take a whole lot of Amazon packages to get close to the $80K mark. Most government programs will allow her to have a vehicle without cutting benefits. That is not an unusual asset for folks to have. You will need to talk to a tax advisor to determine whether or not your "gift" of a car counts as income.
  15. ElleMD


    Why are you worried about what your neighbors do? You've had 73 posts complaining about this HOA. I think your best bet is to move and find a home without a HOA, or at least one with rules you like. You just aren't going to be able to force this one to agree to all the changes and operations you prefer.