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  1. If this attorney is no longer going to representing the HOA, it clearly couldn't be a conflict of interest.
  2. The way I am reading this, both parties were under the age of consent. The boy took liberties the OP was not comfortable with, but out of fear/inexperience/awkwardness did not expressly tell him to stop. OP reported this to the police, who took an initial statement, but no names were given, and no one has been charged. OP fears that she may be charged- though she has not yet- with statutory rape, as she had relations with someone under the age of consent. Let me be the first to assure her, that no, that is to going to happen. Even if the OP was a fully willing participant, that would not happen unless it was an extreme case of the OP being 14 and the other party being significantly younger by years. Second, sadly, it is unlikely the police will follow up if she does not. If they do, this isn't Law & Order where they are going to demand the kid's name and rush out guns a blazing to arrest him. The OP is a child, and if under the age of consent, a fairly young one. It is unlikely the police will seek out a child under 15 for questioning. At this age, it is however, very important that the OP get some support to deal with what happened and understand it, allay her fears from someone other than an anonymous stranger on the internet, and possibly get referred for appropriate medical care. A guidance counselor is the most accessible person who can do all that for a child too young to drive. This is new territory for a young teenager and not something every family even know how to prepare their child to handle. Some families ave very strong opinions about intimacy, which can make it even more difficult for teens to get objective and factual information when they need it.
  3. You are all over the map and keep going of on wild and totally irrelevant tangents. Was this your son or bother who died? It makes a HUGE difference. Either way, no the insurance company is not going to give you anything at all unless you are the named beneficiary. They also are not about to pay out the value of the policy unless they are darned sure they have the right party. If you, whoever you are, are not the listed beneficiary, the insurance company owes you no explanation at all as to who was paid, and in fact, should not reveal that information. Same with banks. If one house was in the son's name, it is his house. If one was in his name, it is possible others were as well. It doesn't matter one bit if he uses drugs or is employed. The will can not undo ownership. There are no "take backs" upon death. It still isn't clear how you know what is in the will/trust. Or, if you are somehow named in it, why YOU don't have a copy. Normal people do not just leave the only copy with someone they wish to totally disinherit or laying about their home in the hopes that someone finds it upon their death. If "Bob" either had it or knew where it was, that would imply he had some reason to know- which would not make sense if he were not named.
  4. Still, you have absolutely no dog in this hunt. Why go looking for problems?
  5. Before you do ANYTHING, talk to a counselor. Please. You are young and had a non-consensual sexual experience. Before trying to stick a legal label on it, talk to a professional about it. Do not tell the police you lied. You didn't. If the police contact you, tell them you are uncomfortable giving any additional information at this time and are seeking counsel on this. That is all you need to do. A counselor or therapist can help you figure out your next steps. Even your school guidance counselor is trained in how to help you. If you are comfortable sharing this with a parent or other supportive adult in your life, do so. And law aside, NOTHING should happen to your body unless you fully want it to and agree openly that you want it to happen. Period. No one else gets to make those decisions for you. If you aren't 100% on board and into it, it should not happen. Ever.
  6. Emancipation was never intended for know it all teens to be able to do what they want. It was intended to allow those who are essentially already living as adults- typically not by choice- the most legal rights adults have in advance of their 18th birthdays. If you are running away from boarding school, you haven't a prayer. That shows the court you need MORE supervision not less. Nor are you entitled to emancipation because Mommy doesn't hug you enough or won't let you associate with your biological family. If you no longer live with them, there is a very good reason. Once you are 18, you are free to make your own mistakes as you please, and suffer the consequences of those mistakes. Until then, your mother is responsible for you and she is entitled to do what he feels is necessary to limit your ability to make and suffer from those mistakes- even if that means private boarding school out of state. Your agreement with her parenting decisions is not required.
  7. With cbg here. The school system isn't the court. You are welcome to appeal and claim to the court you were not notified of the prior hearing/trial, but I'm utterly baffled why you believe the school is responsible for informing you of the court calendar. I'm also not sure why you think the police would be involved in a meeting on a student disciplinary matter? Unless the officer happened to be the witness to your daughter making the incredibly insensitive, and uncalled for "joke" (also not the school's fault your child decided to misuse her phone to look up inappropriate material to share about a very serious situation and blurt it out during class), there was nothing for the officer to add to the discussion. Frankly, if she only got a 3 day suspension, she could count herself quite lucky. And I speak from a position of authority on that.
  8. It is unclear why kind of "help" you could possibly render. Incarceration is always involuntary. That is kind of the point. If the boys were molested I suggest getting them into therapy before taking any other steps.
  9. Totally up to you.
  10. The attorney would know if it was a conflict of interest. It is unclear why you would be trying to decide this for him or her. Or even why you are involved in any way between two neighbors disputing the placement of a fence. Are you one of the neighbors? Is it your fence?
  11. Life insurance is paid to whomever is named as the beneficiary on the policy. If that is Bob, Bob gets the cash no matter what Larry and Lucy might have talked about as far as disinheriting her children. Same with a bank account. Typically there is someone named as on the account as either a joint owner or beneficiary to be paid on death of the owner. It is possible that other property was also either gifted to the son, title in his name, or jointly held with him. These things would not fall under the will/trust. One can not will someone else's property and no bank or insurance company is going to hand over an account or pay out to just any old person who shows up with a lawyer and demands it. It is also unclear why if you were supposedly the trustee or to be the trustee, and this son was supposedly totally disinherited, he had a copy of the will/trust instrument and you did not. How are you so sure what your son's will said if you have never seen it? What do your brother and his wife have to do with this?
  12. So other managers who met or exceeded goals and who encouraged the employee's they managed to do the same were promoted ahead of you? Who'd have thunk it? It matters less what the goals were and more how you approached them. Even if the new job wasn't in sales, how you motivated, coached, mentored, supported, and managed employees would apply to other functions. Interviews usually ask a few questions not directly related to the job tasks to get a better idea how you think about problem solving, your general attitude, ethics, and more.
  13. The injury wasn't from the tow truck driver taking off with him foolishly jumping on the back, it was from him jumping off the back after the driver was alerted to him being on the back and having stopped. Whether injured from jumping off the truck at the point of hook up or 100 feet from the point of hook up doesn't matter.
  14. Just being named on the BC does not automatically make him the legal father. It is possible he still is, but that alone is not definitive. It doesn't matter one bit who the child looks like. It does matter what state the child was born in and whether or not he took the steps necessary in that state to be legally be recognized as the legal father of the child born to an unwed mother. It will make a huge difference as far as his rights to the child now. If the other was child was born during the course of the marriage, he is presumed to be the legal father, even if he were not the biological father (I'm not saying she cheated- they could have used certain fertility treatments or adopted and the result would be the same). Her addiction has nothing to do with her legal rights either. The simplest course would be to fly to visit her in Australia once he school term is over in a few days/weeks.
  15. The hospital had no incentive to keep you there if you didn't need to be there. You also wouldn't be placed in a psych ward for chest pain or thyroid or blood pressure. If a judge signed off to involuntarily commit you, there was a good reason for it and it was not at all illegal. Receiving health care is not something that ruins your life nor are there inherently any damages as a result. If your treatment was inappropriate for your diagnosis such hat it breached the standard of care, take your medical records to an attorney who specializes in med mal cases. Treatment that didn't result in any negative consequences or that you just didn't agree with would not meet that standard. Nor would being offered treatment which you declined.