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  1. My brother & I are remainder men on a Life Estate on my Mothers house, The LE was created in 2006.. She has been in a nursing home since February of this year.. All three of us would like to sell the home. How would this work with my Mom being in the nursing home? Would a certain percentage (or 100%) of the sale price be hers and would she be required to pay it to the nursing home? Instead Could she give the full sale price to my Brother & I? Trying to find out what the options are if we can sell the house, and how the process works
  2. I went online and got a Durable Power of Attorney form. It is asking for a Attorney signature on the form. Does a attorney have to sign it in order for it to be legal?
  3. Who would I sue if the company is dissolved?
  4. If a company has a easement on my property, Then they go out of business. What is the process to get the easement removed from the land title etc? Thank You
  5. Thank You, I'll contact my police dept. I'd make time to testify if needed.
  6. One of my pet peeves is people parking in a Handicap space who do not belong there.. Would the city police act on a complaint if I took pictures showing proof and date, time they were parking illegally? I would have Photo of plates, photo of sign showing it's for handicap parking only. photo of car showing no handicap plates or placard displayed Can they issue a ticket then?
  7. Thank You all for Your replies
  8. This has ballooned into more than I thought it would.Thought I answered your question- My Mom is the life tenant. My brother & I would inherit the house if something happens to her ---- per her will-- Something happens to her means Dies . He & I would own i thent .My brother & I would most likely sell the house after her passing Mom & Dad- He died in 1999- Built the house in 1955 for about $17,000 My Dad was a home builder
  9. My mom lives at her home. My brother & I are on the Life Estate I thought I might be exempt because I've been told you can sell your first home and not be taxed on the capital gain. Retired in VA answered that question.
  10. I own my home free & clear. It's worth a estimated $210,000 This is the first home I bought myself. I also have a life estate with my mother & brother on her home. Estimated value $275,000 Owned free & clear Now if we sold my Mother's home first, Would it be exempt from income taxes since it's the first time we sold a home? Then If I sold my home later, would I pay income taxes on the sale price? Not sure how it works
  11. Sell stuff FOB Origin, Then the buyer takes over all responsibility as soon as the package is picked up by the carrier.
  12. From my past experiences, Just dispose of the branches. Keep the peace. It's not worth arguing about.
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