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  1. Hi Payroll HR guy, after closing i have hiring the other firm to help me apply for Tax Grievance. you are correct. they have not included item in sales contract either not let me sign paper work with their tax reduction form as well. Only after they have rec'd invoice from reduction firm then let their lawyer send us a letter & request us to pay bill. it is unprofessional. so what is your opinion? Thank you. Have a nice day! Best regards, Alan
  2. Hi Payroll HR guy, previous owner want us to pay the bill to Tex reduction firm that they help him to granted tax Grievance. Thank you. Best regards, Alan
  3. It is Property tax reduction. the previous owner apply for reduce tax assessment before closing. Thank you. Best regards, Alan
  4. Last year we purchased a house and the previous homeowner applied for tax reduction before we bought the house. However, when we were signing the contract to buy the house - their lawyer did not mention anything about this to us and unbeknownst to him at the closing as well. The tax reduction was granted before we closed on the house. Therefore we did not know about this and we applied for a tax reduction as well after we final closing - a week ago we receive a letter in the mail from the previous homeowner's lawyer requesting us to pay the bill that the previous homeowner has incurred. Are we liable under the law to pay this fee incurred by the homeowner or are we no liable to pay this sum of money? If we refuse to pay this sum will they have the ability to sue us and bring us to court? Thank you. Have a good day! Best regards, Alan
  5. i refuse a tenant, after that they try sue me with unlawful discriminatory practice relating to housingbecause of race/color, in violation of new York state human rights law, also with violating title VIII of the federal fair housing Act. But in fact now i rent to the persons have same race/color as them. fact is real estate agents on behind try let me in trouble. really appreciated help. Thanks again. Have a nice day. Best regards, Alan
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