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  1. I am the teenager. My father died and his worksite put a large sum of money into a savings fund so I could go to college as in 'apology' of my only parent dying on worksite. Any guardian who took care of would sue my estate after I left to live with another for compensation of their time and efforts. In my class we are creating bills, and mine is to prevent this from happening to anyone else because now my college fund is almost gone and without a parents my financial situation is looking grim. Although, to create the bill I obviously need substantial evidence, laws, and research. Thank you all for your help and comments.
  2. I am working on a project, I am unable to find laws on the ability or inabilities to sue teenagers ANYWHERE. I live in Alaska and would like to know state and federal laws on suing minors. Is it legal? What are the laws? Are there restrictions? Thank you ~ Dorrie
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