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  1. I have some outstanding medical bills related to an ongoing auto accident claim. One provider sent my account to collections but they still continue to contact me about payment, despite being told by me and my attorney in writing to stop. I received a text alert from them today. Can the original creditor & debt collector both contact me? Do i have any right to file a complaint about one or both companies? Thank you.
  2. Personal injury claim with one minor party who was awarded enough to merit a blocked/restricted trust account via probate court. Petition filed, Conservator appointed, account set up, Acknowledgment signed by bank rep and then filed in probate court. Approximately a month later, the Conservator receives a letter from the bank along with a check for the full amount of the settlement, informing her the account has been closed out. That she's aware of, there was no communication or notification to the court. What does the Conservator need to do to prevent being held in contempt of the original Order? She can't just open a new account, she has no Order as it was filed showing the account was set up. What would she need to file in court? Or is this going to require a probate attorney's help? Can the bank close out court-ordered accounts without first obtaining a court order or at least notifying the court? The Conservator called the bank rep she met with initially and all they would tell her is they can close accounts at their discretion. Thanks!
  3. A newly pregnant co-worker (she announced it to the office April 1 & isn't due until November) has begun making ridiculous demands on everyone around her - sometimes the entire floor/firm - in our cubicle area. Each time, she's gone to the office manager who tends to be overly sympathetic & mothering & cried about whatever issue & then we get a group email. First it was to tell us we need to stop wearing perfumes & lotions & using air fresheners in the bathrooms bc "she can't even". Next we had to change our office lunch plans bc "BBQ is not her friend" and for some reason, getting lunch from 2 places isn't an option? Now we've been told we're being "too loud" and are no longer allowed to listen to music at our desks or take calls on speaker bc it stresses her out too much. We have also been instructed not to speak to each other in the cubicle area unless we get up & walk over to the person to whom we're speaking. One of the partners of the firm sent an email to ALL employees today, again reiterating that WE need to be more "considerate" of this employee and all her demands. They offered to provide noise cancelling headphones for US. I'm aware, of course, of the protections of pregnant ppl in the workplace which are similar to discriminatory & disability laws. But since when is the burden of one person choosing to have a child & the well-known experiences that come with it the responsibility of everyone else? Shouldn't SHE be the one they offer headphones to? This last email from today that came from the one female, mother partner has completely killed the morale that was stellar until shortly before April Fools Day. What can we do to fix this situation without a) making a bad situation worse or b) having to shut up & pander to this insane, entitled person for almost a year??
  4. I worked for a mid-sized law firm for 4.5 years as a salary employee. Instead of separate personal and sick days, they offered general PTO. The employee handbook stated that unless an employee missed/requested off more than 4 hours (half day) at one time, they didn't need to use PTO & instead allowed making up the missed time throughout the same week. The staff in my department was expected to come in at least one Saturday a month in addition to the 40-hrs week. There were many days I worked hours over in order to meet quotas or whatever the case was at the time. The department was also promised a monthly productivity-based bonus that were told each month we did not achieve until I complained enough to management which resulted in a one-time bonus split between 3 employees. If I worked overtime I wasn't compensated obviously, but on the rare occasion I didn't work 40 hrs in a week, arrived late, went home ill, etc., I was told I needed to "make up my time". A coworker in the same department was told our status was "non-exempt salary" which is what gave them the authority to do this. Is there such a thing?
  5. Unfortunately, I guess, I'm just a friend of the family.. it just seems like this Judge had some personal issues that he allowed to affect his verdict. And the defense attorney making no objection or any statements at all really, seems like it could be basis for a claim against him as well. I don't know - it all seems unfair and odd to me, but then it is Ohio..
  6. What should I do if I believe a defendant was unfairly sentenced? The Judge stated he was making an example of the defendant at his sentencing hearing, gave a first time offender with no record the max sentence when the prosecutor wasn't even asking for jail time and wouldn't allow any letters written o/b/o the defendant read in court nor any of the 20+ people present to speak.. He also made inflammatory statements about the defendant that indicated premeditation! The paid defense lawyer charging $750 an hour made no objections and no attempt to stop the proceedings at any point. The defendant is now serving ten years when jail time wasn't even an option - or so he thought. I know appeals are always an option, but I want something to be done NOW - not when the ten year sentence is almost served out and the family having to pay thousands more in legal representation!
  7. Judge stated during hearing he was making an example of the defendant and also made some pretty wild and inflammatory accusations about the defendant having "worked for 15 years to get himself into this position" to commit the crime of which he was charged. The Judge wouldn't allow any of the 37 letters written on behalf of the defendant to be admitted or any of the 25 people present at the hearing to speak on his behalf, but allowed a letter allegedly written by the victim to take 25 mins of the hearing to be read aloud. The victim wouldn't testify against the defendant, defendant has no record in Ohio or elsewhere yet now sits in prison on a first offense for ten years when no time was even on the table or a possibility when he walked into court the day of his hearing.. Is this normal? Is there any action that can be taken against the Judge for vindictiveness or something similar? What about the paid defense lawyer who raised no objection to any of these matters during the sentencing hearing?
  8. I separated from my ex husband over a year ago. Despite blocking all his phone nums, google voice nums, gmail accts, changing all pswrds & account info, filing for divorce & stopping ALL communication over 6 mos ago, I still get texts & emails from him as of last week. He uses other people's phones, email accts w fake names, calls my work phone bc I can't block his calls made thru our receptionist.. He also had my car at his moms house & the day I told him I was towing it (he broke it down & refused to fix it), he & his mother had it impounded. When I finally got my car back, he'd stolen literally everything out of it as well as totally vandalizing the inside & outside, almost beyond repair.. A friend at work is helping me w my divorce & a restraining order but what can I do about the money he owes for many different things as well as stopping him from sharing these pictures of me that I wasn't aware he had??
  9. (Kentucky) A female co-worker has told several other co-workers my boyfriend "looks like a meth addict" (he often drops me off at work as we share a car). When asked what brought up this subject, she is saying I used to be a meth addict. I've had 3 individuals tell me they've been told the same thing by this female -who is one of the top directors in our firm- and that my name is on a "list" of people she's trying to drive out. Having said that, I'm confident I'm not losing my job, regardless of her antics. However, there is now a notable difference in certain employees attitudes toward me or the fact they seem to be avoiding me when previously they were more like friends. I'm not sure how to handle/stop this or if I should just continue ignoring her? If it continues to be a problem, is this actionable?
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