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  1. I forgot to mention I'm in California
  2. I work for an authorized retailer of at&t. In the past month we have been robbed 4 times, I had a knife and a gun pulled on me. I work with three bigger single younger guys. I'm a small 115 pound single mother. They have me close alone every night and I'm so scared. They have denied my request to have someone close with me, they do not allow for security. They denied moving me to a more safe location. When I expressed concern about my safety at night they told me that they can easily replace me with someone who can handle those hours. After the gun point robbery I have been so scared I shake at work. I am absolutely horrified that each time I walk through that door it's the last. Another store had been robbed and the employee tied up and beaten. I'm a single mother living in a trailer and I have cancer. I don't have the luxury of support so I can't quit. I will like I'm being told to either deal with this extreme situation for minimum wage or be fired. It's very bleak and hopeless feeling. Do I have any rights?
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