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  1. I was taken care of my kids. Their father decided to live off of welfare instead of going to work. I am not trying to get out of supporting my kids. But if i was on SSI then I wouldnt be required to pay child support. My disability is total and permanent and there is ccr section that states that if a person can medically verify this and is totally and permanently disabled then they can get their case closed. I was only asking what forms do I fill out. I dont need people to pass judgement or make assumptions without knowing what the facts are is being hypocritical and judging without knowing the facts. I took care of my kids and got custody back yet I could never get child support to enforce child support. But this is not something I am going to debate but my only legal question is what forms do I need to fill out to get this case closed?
  2. This child support order should have never been made. I have been getting this disbility before my kids were even born.
  3. Yes. I have been totally and permanently disabled since 1993. The state franchise tax board wont enforce the support order because my VA disability is nonattachable and the Solano County child support has been told that these funds are nonattachable. So I am wanting to know how to close the case what papers to file to get this started
  4. How do I close a child support case because I am totally and permanently disabled and I have verification from the Department of Veteran Affairs and both of my kids are over 21 now. What papers do I need to file I live in Solano County California.
  5. So the man that stabbed me in the neck was evaluated and determined to be incompetent. So what happens if he is found to be incompetent after the 90 days? What will happen if he is found not to ever be competent what will happen to my case?
  6. I have a friend that is going through a divorce and there is a dispute about the house that they purchased. He is the primary on the mortgage and she is the secondary. He wants to sell the house cause the house is in foreclosure because she doesn't make enough to cover the mortgage. She wants him to pay half of the monthly mortgage plus $1,000 in child support. What should he do to make sure that the fact she is refusing to move from the house she can't afford to live in is brought to the judges attention.
  7. How is community property usually handled when there is a dispute on whether to keep a house or to sell and split the money from the sale of the community property?
  8. How many days notice is a party to a divorce suppose to give the other party when a scheduled court appearance is scheduled? Do the courts count the weekend as business days for example if it is a five days notice and court is on a Tuesday and the party didn't find out until. Thursday. That doesn't allow the party notified to respond to court papers.
  9. Thank you for the number to victim compensation fund.
  10. No he doesn't have money. I am assuming the doctors feel he is incompetent because now it states that the court has removed their control. He goes back to court on the 28th. Thank you for your replies. I am probably working myself up for nothing but I would rather that than not asking and seeking answers to the questions I have.
  11. I was trying to research the IST. Is it true he may have a chance that he will never be prosecuted for stabbing me in the neck and almost killing me? I read he could get out in 180 days. What am I suppose to do then. I feel victimized all over again. What kind of justice is this for me?
  12. Thank you for the replies. I am asling these questions because I don't know the answers. Please understand that I have minimal knowledge of the justice system and am asking questions to understand the process of the criminal court system. And I am human and I just had an event that could have ended in a different result. I want to make sure this person doesnt get out and I dont think making a person feel less than or feel like they are an idiot for asking these questions is the way to help. I am a victim just asking simple questions and yes this is extremely frustrating to have my life turned upside down so have a little empathy. What is an IST if that is ok to ask?
  13. I contacted them and started the initial intake and nobody has contacted me since. I called again four days ago and they put me on hold for 20 minutes and I got discouraged and frustrated so I just hung up the phone.
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