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  1. We purchased a 2002 Nissan Pathfinder with approximately 133,000 miles from a car dealership in TN for my daughter in July 2011. This is a large dealership, not a small local one. We had a CarFax report and believed this to be a car that was in good condition. We paid cash for the car. We have the title to the car and it appears to be a "Clean" title. In August 2013, we decided to buy her a newer car before she went off to college. We considered possibly trading in the Nissan Pathfinder. While we were at a different dealership, this one ran a CarFax and came back to us and said that they could only give us $1000 because the car had a "Salvage" title. According to the CarFax, it was wrecked on 7/5/09 and was declared a "Total Loss Vehicle" by the insurance company. CarFax began reporting this info on 2/25/13. We bought the car 2 years after this wreck occurred and had no idea that this had ever happened. The car was also wrecked on 5/24/10 and CarFax began reporting this info on 5/8/13. Had we known that the car had been wrecked twice and declared a total loss by the insurance company, we would have never purchased it. Now we don't know if we can sell the car and it will bring much less than we thought it would. I have several questions that I am hoping someone on here can help me with: 1. Do we have any type of legal case for fraud against the dealership or insurance company (I don't know who it is)? 2. How can it take CarFax 2 years to begin reporting an accident? 3. Am I opening myself up for any type of legal problems if we sell this car (as long as we provide the current CarFax) and disclose what we know about this car? Thanks for any advise that you can give.
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