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  1. Thank you for this information, I will check it out.
  2. I would like this claim resolved. The other driver should have to pay for my damages. I'm sure the taxi driver had to report the damages to his company. He obviously hasn't filed a claim with his company, or they would be trying to get ahold of mine. He know's it's his fault. I only said "feel" because a ticket wasn't given at the scene. It just seems there's more that can be done, I just don't know what.
  3. I was involed in a car accident on CO. I was driving in the far right lane of 3, about to proceed through a green light when a car in the middle lane decided to turn right at the intersection. My front driver bumper and his front passenger bumper. I filed a claim with my insurance company immediately. Police arrived at the scene only to help exchange accident information. The officer didn't file a report or assign fault. The other driver worked for a taxi company. I'm told I can pay my deductible, but I feel the accident wasn't my fault and I shouldn't have to pay anything for the damages. My adjuster has supposively tried contacting the other parties insurance company, work and officer who met the scene. Neither has returned calls to my adjuster. The accident happened on 09/19. After speaking with the officer this morning, (he informed me my adjuster hasn't contacted him) there isn't much he can do. Other than try to call the other parties insurance company and work. I've complained to my local agent and insurance company regarding my adjuster and he's still on my claim. This morning I filed a complaint with my State Insurance Commissioner. My question is what more can I do or can be done?
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