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  1. I just had my taxes done by a CPA. He emailed me his completed return and said I owed $1500 and his bill for services was $500. I called him a day later and had a few questions and asked if there was some sort of mistake. He said he is a professional and it was correct. At that point I went to a different CPA for a second opinion which resulted in getting a return of $400 and $85 for her to prepare my return. I went back to the first CPA to get my documents back and let him know I would not be using his services because of his mistakes and will be taking my business elsewhere. He said I still owe him $500. I let him know I gave him a chance to look over my return several days before and he didnt give me the time of day so I went to someone else and already paid to have it done correctly. He argued for a few and then offered to fix my return. I declined and was told I will be taken to small claims court for what he thinks I owe him. My question is do I have to pay this CPA for doing my taxes wrong. I did not file the return he prepared. I was not given an agreement nor did I sign one. He has emailed me sever times and sent a letter to my house. Is this considerd harassment. Any advice will be greatly appreciated
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