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  1. So I was talking to a fellow coworker in our office about my personal situation. Another employee which is the manager's pet decided to record my conversation. Not really sure where she was but I will say she wasn't part of the conversation neither was I talking about something i wasn't supose to. 2 days later I was called into the office by my manager. He started by saying that my "Big ass mouth got me transfered cause I have a 7 min recording of you talking in the office" 1st I wasn't cursing or bad mouthing anyone during the conversation. So what can he bring me up on? 2nd I was talking about my personal situation not anyone else's. No law states you can talk about yourself. So he threatens to fire me and then calls me a bitch numorus times. He cursed me out and called me names. He threaten me with this so called recorded about 5x. I begged not to fire me even through i wasn't in the wrong. He said he would use the tape to fire me if I don't work as he wants me to work. Saying i'm not allowed to speak at work and I have to do whatever he says. So my question is... Can she record the coversation without being part of the conversation and never had consent? Also Can the boss recieve the recording and use it in this manner?
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