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  1. I have been off work since July 31st due to sever back pain (bed riden). I filed for short term disability. My Dr wrote me off work from from August 6 thru the 24th for lumbar disc disease, However the pain I was having was in the Thorasic area. So after ordering a second MRI he wrote me off work from Aug 25 thru the 24th of Sept. The shor term disability team approved my first time off Unfortunetaly the have denied my second saying medical does not support. After 6 weeks of waiting, (supposdley they had a review board, and a peer to peer review)they denied the claim. Should I contact a lawyer for help because now the company I work for will not let me come back to work because of my work restrictions from my dr. So I cant, get benefits or go back to work. Advise greatly appreciated.
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