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  1. So the short and sweet. I developed Tendonitis in my right wrist due to managment reqest to work in a none ergomatic position for over 6 months. Was off of work and received full workers compensation for roughly 2 months. I returned to work part time for several weeks and then was cleared for full time. Management had assigned me to work at a station that had primary work all on the right side. I requested that I be moved to another work station (preferably to my original station where primary work is on the left) to help prevent future injury being as I was new to returning to work and was still experiencing some weakness. My manager said she would not move me being as I have been cleared for full duty. I informed upper managment that I was afraid that I would reinjur myself and simply wanted to take proper percausions to protect myself. I will note here that the employee who was working at my old station had no problem with switching with me now that I was back full time. Managment refused to move me but did tell me to let them know if my wrist begains to hurt again. I worked less than 2 days at the new station before reinjury occured. I am now once again on full workers compensation. I want to know if I have any legal claim to my employer for them intentionally putting me in a position that I warned could cause me reharm. Any advice would be beneficial thanks
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