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  1. I have a similar question, though not the same. Just today we had a non-injury AND non-damage "accident" in the driveway of our home. The only thing that happened to our neighbor's car was "paint transfer." There is NO damage to the neighbor's car. MY car received the brunt of the damage. As I understand it, this being in our driveway, it cannot receive a citation. Is that right? i live in the Village of Rochester, WI and we are under county Sheriff jurisdiction. Our neighbor (the mother) is a town clerk in the Town of Burlington, not far away from here. They have given us many problems since we moved in here, including vandalizing and stealing things from us in our shared garage. We have reported these incidents but the sheriffs and police have done nothing. Everything that happens with them they trump up. I got two citations from them, one for "failure to report an accident," and one for "hit and run" and they charged me with 6 points for each, thus leaving me without a license if this were to be taken as is. This is so extreme, so you can see what is going on here. I know the insurance company will not honor any claim because there is no damage. I plan to put in a not guilty plea, but i would like to know whether they can even give me a citation on private property. Thank you.
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