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  1. Well I feel insulting someone who is asking a simple question for clarification is also unnecessary. There is no need to denigrate someone simply because they feel superior in some way. To insinuate that I am too lazy to do my own research is not justified because I ask a question for clarity. It also insinuates that I am acting in an unethical manner, which is inflammatory and unreasonable.
  2. Additionally, if a person waives their Miranda Rights, must it always be in written form?
  3. One which asks questions for clarification, and does not makes assumptions based on what he thinks he knows. Clearly a foreign concept to you.
  4. Hello, I am currently a student and am doing research for a paper regarding rules of evidence. I have reviewed the Federal Rules of Evidence concerning the Hearsay Rule, but have some additional questions. 1. Is the arresting officer allowed to testify in court as to what was said by the detainee after being informed of their Miranda Rights? Or would that be considered Hearsay?
  5. As I said in my original post, I was only stating that to demonstrate that he is not neglected. Not that he is not abused(he isnt), but I know that would not equate to there not being any abuse going on in the home. Honestly, I think my son could stand to be spanked, I think it would go a long way in correcting some of his mis behavior. But since our government loves to micro manage every last thing we do it seems that is no longer an option;
  6. To Ted_from_Texas No I have not addressed thi with the school yet, as I wanted to be prepared with more knowledge about the subject. Primarily I wanted to know if it was legal for Social Services to interview my child in this way. And is the school obliged to give me such information as to what the interview entailed? To FindLaw_AHK As I stated previously to Ted, I have not addressed this with the school. However, I am wondering if they are obliged to answer any of my quetions concerning this? Also, thank you for providing that link, however, I poured over all of those as well to no avail.
  7. Hello~ After reading over a number of posted questions & answers on this site, I unfortunately did not find the information I was looking to obtain regarding my situation. What I did learn was that in order to obtain said information, a responder requires venue information in addition to some of the demographic information so I will be sure and include this in my inquiry. I have a 9 year old son, who for the most part is a good kid, but has some behavioral issues, mostly consisting of impulse control, and hyper activity, and who also lacks focus. He is well known at his school for embellishing the truth, and for making statements for "shock" value. If he sees that a particular type of issue or subject gets a substantial response (especially from an adult) he has been known to "run with it", so to speak. Or for lack of a better term, "run it into the ground". That being said, I have recently been informed by my son that a social services person came to his school and had him pulled out of class to interview him regarding a multitude of topics. Primarily his environment at home. I, along with probably anyone else who were in the same predicment, find this very insulting at the very least. For one thing, my son attends school regularly, is on time, is always wearing clean clothes and is groomed.(Stating this to demonstrate he is not neglected). My husband and I have always cooperated with school authorities regarding his discipline, as he does act out now and then in school. Have been very involved in meeting wth school admin. in developing his IEP. My question is, is it legal for social services to enact such an interview without our(the parents) consent, and/or without one of us being present? Especially when there is not any reason that I know of that myself or my husband would be under suspicion of any type of abuse. I cannot for the life of me understand why social services would be contacting my son, and for that matter inquiring about his home environment. And I certainly cannot undertsand why his school would have initiated such an investigation, since they are fully aware of his tendencies to exaggerate the truth in most circumstances, and would not elect to discuss an issue of concern with my husband and I first. Our venue is Colorado. And my sons school is a public elementary school.
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