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  1. adjusterjack The truck that was totalled was a 1997 and in excellent shape with very low miles. It is used on a limited basis in the winter. Collision was dropped years ago. I have been driving for 40 years with no accidents or tickets and was playing the odds. The cars is 2 years old and fully insured, It sustained damage to the front grill which I replaced on my own. Pg1067 In regard to storage charges. When the accident occurred at 5:00am the police were called and had 3 flat beds sent to the scene to clean up the mess. At the time I was asked where I wanted my truck to go and knew of a local body shop and had it sent there. My truck was pushed 10 feet across a curb and thru a fence. The doors could not be opened nor the hood. I live in a co-op and have no room for storage of a wrecked vehicle. I was told by the body shop where it was taken that the total repair bill was about $18000.00 and the book was about $2500.00 I was aware that the most I would get was the book value. I live in New York and the town I live in is self insured. In the event of a hit and run I understand I would lose any value in my truck, the luck of the draw. I also would of disposed of it immediately. The fact that it happened like it did and it was a town truck why shouldn't I try to recoup my loss. My other car would of been repaired thru my insurance company, it is fully insured. I guess not being exposed to this sort of thing on any regular basis I assumed the town would do the right thing and take care of their responsibilities. You know what happens when you assume. Maybe I can assume to pay my taxes.
  2. On March 19,2013 at 4:45 am while during a snow storm 2 of my parked motor vehicles were hit by a town plow truck, one was totaled, one with minor damage. This accident also involved a bob cat skid steer owned by a local landscaper that was being driven on the road to do snow plowing at a different location. The town truck that hit my cars and did the damage first hit the skid steer and bounced of into my cars. My first thought was that the town was responsible and would play for my damages. Time passed and I kept checking with the town attorney only to find out that they were trying to pass the blame on to the landscapers insurance company. The skid steer was driven by an unlicensed driver and to the best of my knowledge should not be on the road. I then received a letter from the landscapers insurance company denying all responsibility now I'm back talking to the town attorney again and going nowhere. My truck that was totaled is in the body shop lot since March with over $10,000 in storage at $65.00 dollars a day. I think I need a lawyer, but why should I have to incur any legal expenses when I am not at fault in any way. How is the lay person supposed to know what options are available to him to resolve such a matter? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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