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  1. About 2 months ago the hinge on one of our freezer doors broke causing the door to fall. No one was hurt in this situation however the only actions the owner of the establishment took were to tape the door shut and put a sign that says "Do Not Open". There is an underlying issue as well though, due to the door breaking we constantly have issues keeping the frozen foods frozen. I did some research and found the parts we needed to fix the unit a month ago yet the door still remains broken. Another hinge on the neighboring refrigerator has also come out of place and is in danger of falling on one of employees. I have addressed the issue to the owner and again, no actions have been taken. Another main issue is one of our line refrigeration units has not held a steady safe temperature since I began employment in March. Now it leaks constantly, freezes some sections of the unit and doesn't properly keep the rest of the food at a safe temperature.
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